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From Russia – with a child


To adopt a Russian child, without parental care, German mom and dad are ready to wait for years and to part with big money

“the Law of Dima Yakovlev”, adopted in December by the state Duma of the Russian Federation, could not leave the Germans indifferent. At least because in Germany one left the child has ten sets of parents who dream to adopt him. Unlucky competitors are the only couple who adopted the orphan, seek happiness abroad – as a rule, in Russia and Poland. Many childless Germans, having learned about the new law, think: “Our countries are strategic partners, there are many examples of successful adoption by citizens of Germany young Russians. So why not simplify this process?” German laws are rigidly guarding of childhood – including “the Russian-German”. And the local foster parents in the vast majority belong to the adopted kids with great love. Knowing how many circles of hell they had to go through in order to embody this love in life, cease to treat this question as purely rhetorical.

In the footsteps of the shredder and Jauch

Once again hearing in America the little Russians landed in a poor family with many children, which – even if she is kindly disposed to the exported flowers of life – was not originally have the ability to create our orphans minimally favorable conditions, one can’t help comparing overseas pseudo-adopters with local, German foster parents.

Here, for example, the family of the former Federal Chancellor Gerhard schröder, twice increasing at the expense of the children’s home in St. Petersburg. In order to adoptive Russian son and daughter more comfortable life in their family, spouse ’s old Chancellor’ Doris learned the language of Pushkin, and the Gerhard – here and friendship with Putin didn’t help – he was forced to collect, translate and provide Russian officials with more than fifty of evidence that the stellar adoptive parents have the opportunity not only to raise young Russians in abundance, but also to give them a decent future.

Or the example of the TV presenter günther Jauch, which is popular in Germany about the same as in Russia – Leonid Yakubovich. Despite the apparent wealth of a showman, and his impeccable reputation, before the couple Jauch allowed to adopt two Russian girls, their house was raided by the German official. He thoroughly studied not only the financial situation of the future “parents” and their living conditions, but also arranged Auham serious test of the strength of family ties, as well as their “parental psychological stability”. He even figured out whether German parents take care of these children, if adopted girls will be mentally retarded or physically.

There is an example of a well-known journalist Marion Goedicke, parent of a husband and two Russian girls. Frau Gedike was so inspired by the endless inspections by officials and so-called “impressed” the number of documents that have to collect, as well as “seven judicial circles of hell” who she stood up for adoption that I’ve written about this popular in Germany book.

No need to be cunning, “patriots”, “experts” and skeptics!

Already anticipate the questions: “what appeals to the author of the article? Not Americans our kids to give, so the Germans?!”, “But you haven’t been cases, when the Germans were cruelly treated children?” or: “It is not paid to the author or to the lobby of the organ traders and dealers “human beings”?”.

Well, those who actively resents the very fact of adoption of Russian orphans by foreigners, ask two questions: “But have not tried it, instead of yelling, take themselves to adopt a child? And don’t you think that if it is not possible to give a happy childhood to all the orphans in his native state, it is worth it at all to deprive them of it, albeit in another country?”

But it ’ s emotions. But on the facts – Yes, every family has its black sheep. That is, in Germany and on hearing loud litigation on the facts of cruel treatment of parents with children (note: German). But, first, hand on heart, where increasingly turning violently with the colors of life? In Russia or in Germany, where the thriving cult of childhood? Secondly, having studied the materials of criminal proceedings against the evil local dads and moms absolutely certain: these brutes would never be able to adopt Russian children. After all, the vast majority of cases, local parents are scumbags were drug addicts and drunks, “sitting on the socials” and morishima their children hunger, taking on sing the so-called “children’s money”. The public in Germany, originally set “barrier” on the road to adoption and the adoption.

And it is not going to even talk about “on adoption agencies” and “white slave trade” for Germany – not the Wild West. The main thing is that the German authorities put dozens of obstacles in the path of potentially unscrupulous parents who wish to adopt children, including in Russia. And these obstacles must be overcome for anyone, whether you’re a politician, TV star though. These obstacles, coupled with the Russian bureaucratic obstacles so high that it should truly be eager to adopt Russian child, in order to do it. And here the arguments in favor of this position.

Who is he, the potential of the German “dad” Russian son

Just to think about adoption a little Russian, a German, should be at least 25 years old, he should be flat (or house) with separate children’s room at least 16 square meters. The accommodation adoptive dads should be located in an area with developed the “child” infrastructure (kindergartens, playgrounds, schools, etc.) – the child is legally entitled to communicate with their peers. This condition makes it impossible, as happened in the US dwelling of a Russian adoptee in some far away.

In addition, the adoptive parent must be sufficient funds available. And then checking the German authorities pay special attention to the stability of the proceeds thereof – to ensure that the baby lived freely (average of 500–600 euros a month just for child). If the child wants to adopt a couple, the income of one parent needs to be such that the other parent at least a few years longer worked and was fully engaged in the education of the child. The right to adopt do not have a person with a criminal record, mentally defective or those who have already had a bad experience of adoption. Very strict requirements apply to the physical health of the German fathers and mothers. Believe me – not every recruit will pass such tests.

Once the local office for children and youth held check all local candidates in mom and dad (they are called “parent exam” and cost the subjects in the amount of 1500 Euro), parents choose officially accredited in Germany the adoption Agency. Only by collecting, translating into Russian and notarized by apostille many papers confirming their ability to become adoptive parents, the Germans can get to the Russian part of this multi-way operation.

I’m not going to describe all “the amazing adventures of the Germans in Russia” that sometimes they have to survive. Will only highlight a few facts that provide an answer to the question of potential skeptics: “there are No secret and not so clean thoughts of the Germans who come in search of children to Russia?” the adoption process of a little Russian takes about two years, manages costs 15–25 thousand euros. In the future, after 7, 13, 25 and 37 months from the date of entry of adoption into force, German parents will be accountable to the Russian side about the living conditions of the child.

Instead of a conclusion

Well, when abandoned by their parents each child can find a new, loving family in his native country. But today in Russia, it is hardly enforceable. In the Federal data Bank of children left without parental care, about 150 thousand young Russians. It is unlikely for each of them there is a new Russian dads and moms.

In my opinion, in light of the “law of Dima Yakovlev” it would be politically useful to facilitate adoptions – in favor of the residents of Germany. In the end, justice requires that the “unclean” was a whip, and to “clean” – gingerbread. However, more importantly, to the relief of the bureaucratic part of the process has allowed many young Russians to gain a very decent parents.

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