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What you need to buy for the birth of the child


After the birth of the child the main thing you need is to have a warm, comfortable, satisfying and peaceful. So the young mother needs to know what to buy for the birth of the child. To ensure that the mother will help the quality and matching age clothing, hygiene products, medicines necessary in a baby first aid kit, items needed for feeding, crib and stroller. All of these things are almost always acquired, but sometimes it turns out that we spend large amounts of money, paying for additional accessories or features which in the future are absolutely not necessary. So do not buy things just because they loved it. For you we have collected a list of the Essentials that you need to buy for the birth of the child.


Buying a baby crib, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

Dipping the rim and levels of the bed. When lowering the side of the bed can move up very close to the parents ‘ bed. Change levels allow long to use the crib, the highest level convenient after the birth, when the mother is difficult to bend;

Must be orthopaedic hypoallergenic mattress. A pillow and a soft side if necessary can be purchased later;

The box at the bottom or the side of the crib allows you to fold the baby clothes or toys;

The crib may have a pendulum mechanism for rocking the child. Also better to choose a model with wheels that can be easily cleaned;

Security. Choose those models that do not have sharp, protruding corners, made from natural materials. Now you can purchase and protection of silicone on the edges, they will come in handy when the baby will be tested for validity.


Pay attention to when choosing a stroller on the following criteria:

The stroller should be compact, that is, it must occupy a minimum of space;

It is best to choose a model that easily transforms into three positions – sitting, half-sitting, lying;

All the covers and the mattress needs to be removed, this will help keep the vehicle baby clean;

You need to choose those models that have a rain cover, mosquito and snow. The material of the stroller should be not blown;

When you use in your home Elevator, consider the width of the stroller;

The wheels must be large, sturdy and must have brakes;

Reversible handle will provide ease of movement on the streets;

Child safety provide safety belts;

This stroller should be a shopping basket and bag where you can put all the necessary stuff.

Buying a stroller, you will definitely appreciate its quality in the store. The selected model can be tested on agility, quickness of folding, the possibility of moving without the help of the Pope.

After the birth of baby time flies by very quickly. Before you know it, he will begin to crawl. This article describes in detail where it begins to crawl the child, as parents to prepare for this event and to prepare the child.

Baby bath

The baby bath will be useful in the first months of baby’s life. A small tub can be put on the table, various slides and circles can be purchased and already later. To choose better light plastic models, which are rapidly washed.

Changing Board or dresser

Now it has become fashionable to buy a variety of a changing table or dresser. If you have no such possibility, or a chest of drawers, no place to put and it is not necessary to think about it. Most of us grew perfectly and without these new-fangled contraptions.

On the other hand, a good and functional dresser can last for several years. According to his drawers to conveniently distribute all the toys and things, and on top to dress your baby after years. For small apartments, is a changing Board, but usually its size is not too large and therefore will need it for a few months.

Car seat

The seat must your family, if you have your own machine. Choosing a car seat designed for children up to 12 pounds. He should be reliable, sturdy mount and easy to use safety belts. You need to choose those car seat covers which can be easily washed.


As already mentioned, the mattress need to buy hypoallergenic and solid enough, to ensure the normal position of the developing child’s spine during sleep. At first a normal pillow baby doesn’t need, doctors advise to use a folded diaper or lift the head end of the mattress.

Bedset choose the one that can be easily washed and quickly dried. For the first time more than two sets would be needed.


Cotton pads to wash the eye and face.

Baby scissors with a protective cap for cutting nails.

Cotton swabs with limiters.

Rubber klimoski needed for constipation and to remove mucus from the nose.

A thermometer to measure the water and to measure body temperature.

Sterilized vegetable oil or skin cream.

Peroxide, diamond herbs for the treatment of healing of the navel.

Cream Bepanthen can be used for lubricating the skin of the child.

Hygiene products

Wet wipes. For a start buy a pack of the most simple, since you can’t know how a child will react to all of the components of napkins.

Diapers will facilitate you the first weeks after the hospital. Of course, not necessary that the kid was in them all the time, but a few hours a day is allowed.

Children’s cosmetics – soap and shampoo should be hypoallergenic.


For the first few weeks it takes about 10 thick and thin diapers, a few warm and light vests, Romper. To exit, buy a handy kit. When choosing apparel, focus on the time of year that your baby should be born. Still need socks, scratch mitts, caps and beanies. Cook is sure to extract a set.

For feeding

For breastfeeding you need to buy a bottle. If your kid iskusstvennikh, then bottles it is better to buy two or three. You will also need a brush for washing bottles, further feeding Cup. Convenient to use the sterilizer and heater, especially if you plan to travel. The thermos will help keep the mixture warm. The older child will need a soft silicone spoon and bibs.

What gifts to buy for the birth of a child

After the birth of a child taken that loved ones and friends give gifts. Often most of them are absolutely not necessary and therefore it is best to buy those that can really come in handy.

The highchair is a great gift that will be required closer to the half.

The monitor is necessary, when young parents a big house.

Rattles and teethers will always be in demand.

Deck chair, carrycot very good helper for mom.

Developing Mat.

To buy birth can and clothes, but she must be of good quality and appropriate for the size. Some moms will be happy to special sets of children’s dishes, blender or coffee grinder for cooking in subsequent nutrition for the baby. But if you don’t know what to get, purchase a money certificate for a certain amount in a baby store and hand it to the parents. Sometimes this gift is the best and most practical.

Video advice to expectant mothers what to buy before baby’s birth

The video tells about what you need to buy before the birth of the child.

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