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The Effect of alcohol on conception in men and women


What is the effect of alcohol on conception, as reflected by its impact on the health of the unborn baby – this question bothers many. It is best to think about this long before making a decision about the pregnancy, and not a few weeks after the merry party when the test showed a positive result.

Since this question is extremely important for all expectant parents, let’s talk about the effect of alcohol on conception, and learn about its implications.

What are the dangers of “drunk conception”?

The person who is drunk, even the cells of the body are saturated with alcohol. Therefore, in the event of a merger of a saturated alcohol sperm “drunk” the egg, there will be accumulation of degenerative qualities. This will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the developing fetus, and in consequence will affect the health

a child born.

This was known in ancient times. So, for example, in ancient times in Russia did not allow the bride and groom to drink alcohol at the wedding. The laws of Ancient Rome were generally forbidden to drink alcohol to young people under 30 years.

The birth of a new life is in the process of fusion of the paternal and maternal gametes. In the process of the research, it was found that the alcohol quickly enters the cells of the spermatic fluid, providing a pathological effect on sperm.

The effect of alcohol on reproductive function in men

In normal condition in men that are in good physical shape, healthy and sober, has approximately 25% of abnormal sperms. But their chance to participate in fertilization is very small in healthy gametes. However, after ingestion of alcoholic beverages, their chances are equal.

As a result, the possibility of fertilization defective the sperm is greatly increased. In this case, the born child has a different genetic abnormalities. As established scientists, the amount of alcohol in the seminal fluid is usually identical to the alcohol content in the blood. And it causes disorders chromosomal composition of sperm.

The effect of alcohol on the reproductive function of women

Every month in a woman’s body Matures the egg. This process is influenced by a variety of factors, including the consumption of alcohol. But, it should be noted that drinking alcohol in the period from the beginning of the last menstrual period before conception, usually do not may damage the unborn child of a woman.

What can be said about men. Their acceptance alcohol, even a few months before the alleged conception, and especially on this day, often negatively affects physical and mental development of the unborn child, as this is the period of time necessary for maturation of sperm.

The effect of alcohol on fetal development

After fertilization of the oocyte, the embryo developing in the uterus is extremely sensitive to the impact on him of any negative and harmful external factors. Even a small deviation from the norm can destroy, or lead to the emergence of developmental disabilities.

Nature decreed that the first 14 days after fertilization usually survives only viable and healthy fetus. In case of damage to cells infection, nicotine, substances potent drugs and alcohol, the cells simply stop dividing and there is an early miscarriage. Outwardly, it looks like the delay of menstruation.

But alcohol can damage already engendered life. It is especially dangerous in the first three months of embryonic development. It is in this period of cell division, the formation and development of organs and systems of the fetus. The alcohol in this period adversely affects the process that often leads to defects in development. Particularly vulnerable developing brain. Under the influence of alcohol slows down the process of cell division, which affects the size of the brain of the unborn baby.

The use of the mother liquor at 4-6 months. pregnancy slows the growth of fetus. At this time under their influence, several times increases the risk of miscarriage. With further development of the pregnancy, at 7-9 months. child growth and development. There is a further development of his brain, forming connections between cells. In this period the influence of alcohol is especially dangerous for the development of the future baby.

Detrimental effect on the fetus as the alcohol (ethanol) and its derivatives, as for example, acetaldehyde. These substances can lead to tightening of blood vessels in the placenta and umbilical cord, are harmful to the cells of the fetus, alter genetic material (DNA). This is causing various abnormalities and deformities.

Particularly affected the Central nervous system of the unborn child, which ultimately leads to intellectual and behavioral deviations. Similarly, the probability of having a child with developed fetal alcohol syndrome. This state is associated directly with fetal damage.

Characterized by anomalies in the structure of the face and body, as well as delayed physical and mental development. While the effects of intrauterine lesions almost always irreversible and cannot be cured. Knowing this, be extremely careful when planning conception and stop drinking alcohol at least than six months before.

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