Accustom the child to the potty. An overview of the most known techniques.
  You only pondered the question, what is the accustom the child to the potty? Perhaps you plan to potty train a four month baby or want to quickly teach…

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Health of the child and the computer



Information technology today fit perfectly in any sphere of human activity. Computerization rather significant and relevant. But, like every new stage brings with it new problems. Among the many challenges the use of computer should highlight the problem of the influence of computer on human health.

Harmful computer for human health?


about the answer to this question does not exist: some experts believe that the computer carries irreparable harm to health and it is better that children not spend all their free time. Others, however, believe that the harm of computer, in compliance with basic safety rules no more dangerous than any other appliances.

Of course, the computer has a negative impact on human health. It has long been recognized that computer work is one of the most stressful and tiring. And about the child’s health, adults need to think long before he sat down at the computer.

Computers have become so ingrained in our lives that those who are not able to be with him, looking askance. Disputes concerning the use and harm of the computer being on all social levels, scientists are conducting research on the impact of computer per person, children arguing with parents, parents with teachers, and so on. Hope the following facts will help you make the right choice.

Thus, the computer – friend or foe?

The computer is good.

Computer games develop a child:

reaction time, fine motor skills, visual perception of objects, memory and attention, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination

Computer games teach children:

to classify and generalize, to think analytically in non-standard situations, to achieve their goals, improve intellectual skills

The child, who from childhood-versed in the computer, feels more confident because he is open access to the world of modern technology.

Games on the computer – these are the same classes.

Playing computer games, a child gets into a fairy tale where there is peace. This world is so similar to a real one!

Then what is BAD?

The bad news is that when the non-compliance mode, the computer transforms from a friend into an enemy. We must not forget that everything is good in moderation. Good great game, so useful for children, and can become harmful to them.

So we sat down to work at the computer. Modern monitors have become safer for health. But… even the best equipment won’t help to avoid diseases if used incorrectly.

“Golden rules” when working at the computer.

But there is an informal “Code Golden rules” that will help to prevent diseases and from work at the computer to get maximum pleasure.

In should be noted that these rules will not help if you do not perform them in the system for all family members. Just need to remember that our children are the best that we have.

(Some tips and you can find in the booklet.)

Using the simple instructions proper fit at the computer, you can prevent the appearance and development of health disorders. Learn how to play these rules with the children, and always follow them.

Rule one: before working at the computer, make sure to do a warm-up.

The warm up can be General, dance, eye.

Learn warm-up easy, harder to control their independent use.

Rule two: when you work, sit relaxed.

Rule three: frequently changing position, do a break in work.

The time frame of the computer varies depending on the age of the child.

In addition, from sitting too long at the computer, a so-called thoracic syndrome.

Rule four: fingers should be light and relaxed.

To prolonged work on the computer has not led to the emergence of the disease, enough to follow simple recommendations for workplace organization and mode of operation, in particular to take short breaks during which to perform a set of exercises for hands.

Rule five: take care of your eyesight when working at the computer.

Blurred vision in children increases from 4% in grade 1 to 25% at the exit of the school. This phenomenon is called “computer vision syndrome”

The workplace must be sufficiently illuminated. Need a good monitor, its proper setup and use of quality programmes.

Special nutrition for the eyes. Gymnastics, workout for the eyes.

Rule six: finished the lesson – do the workout.

In addition to these hazards when working at the computer and rules for their prevention now have coined the term “syndrome of computer stress” and “computer addiction”. What is it?

Syndrome computer stress

Marked impairment of memory, insomnia, blurred vision, headaches, chronic fatigue, depression, problems in communication.

How to resist? Need to comply with hygienic norms and rules. Make timely breaks. To ventilate the room, do wet cleaning.

Techniques stress relief.

– look out the window and count to 20. wash your face with cold water.

– put the focus on the pleasant memories of.

– communicate more with nature.

– exercise, music therapy – relieve nervous tension.

– an infusion of herbs: Valerian, motherwort, sage, rosemary, mint, peony (1 one tablespoon of herbs pour a glass of boiled water, to insist 30 minutes. Adults – 0.5 cups 2 times a day, children ¼ Cup. You can add to the infusion of 1 teaspoon of honey)

Shiatsu – discharge in Japanese (acupressure)

To massage the point between the eyebrows, two fingers above the highest point of the zygomatic arches at the base of the ears.

A foot massage before bedtime.

Drink from nerves and fatigue: 1 Cup warm milk + raw egg yolk + a little sugar, stir, drink.

Anti-stress drink

Chop the banana+ 1 tsp lemon juice + 0,5 tbsp chopped hazelnuts + 1H.l. sprouted wheat grains + 150 g of Milk and drink in small SIPS.

Computer addiction

Modern baby sooner acquainted with the computer. We rejoice, seeing how deftly the baby presses the button on home appliances. Many parents love that children do drugs, not worn on the street, and sit peacefully at home on the computer. As a result, adults are sometimes unaware of what information takes their child out of the computer. They do not realize that the machine not only becomes for the child a toy or a source of knowledge, but begins emotionally to replace his parents, especially working parents. Gradually the child spends at the computer more and more time.

Separately distinguish the psychological dependence on the Internet (categorizer) and computer games (Cyberdyne). Each of them has its causes and consequences and apply to different age groups. Games, as a rule, fond of young people aged 10 to 18 years. Sitepolicy – often the older generation. For example, a recent U.S. study found that more time on the Internet spend pensioners and Housewives than pupils or students.

Accustom the child to the potty. An overview of the most known techniques.
  You only pondered the question, what is the accustom the child to the potty? Perhaps you plan to potty train a four month baby or want to quickly teach…


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