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Children Should love their parents
  "The image of woman that a man must love, not consciously formed completely from the image of the mother. And chemically it works: you see an image in your…

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In front of me — pretty woman 35-40 years. The young and pleasant, and my hands were shaking and confused speech. “All my life raised him (the son), protected and supported. And he’s lying, cheating, come the morning. She says she is going to College, and he skips. No idea — what to do?”

Horoscope of the boy immediately reveals his complex character. The sun in Aquarius (an individual) in connection with Mars (his will) says that he has a fighting character who is not willing to submit to any framework. The greater the pressure, the stronger the resistance. General Aquarius is a very freedom-loving sign, and if something is banned, he will make out of spite. With him will not pass bans or strict punishment. You must give him the initiative and try as little as possible to say “no”. He needs to give freedom within reason and never deny indiscriminately.

Strong mercury is in conjunction with Neptune spoke about passion for music, namely, this area has always been considered in the house “forbidden”. The boy needs to learn to earn to life, said the Pope, and sent his son to study to become an accountant. His son was terminally boring to watch these boring figures. He used to skip classes to work as a disc jockey in a nearby club. He in his childhood he studied music at mom’s insistence, but then his classes considered unnecessary. The reason for his constant absenteeism in College was that he was forced to go to the faculty, which he actively disliked. When I found a profession that he “came up”, he never missed a class. Horoscope very accurately put “diagnosis” and found not only the character but also liking of the boy. Gradually we were able to establish a normal relationship between mother and son.

For fifteen years working astrologer I have studied a huge number of children’s horoscopes. Thanks to the ancient art of astrology may learn and traits that will form the child, and his predilections, and interests, you can decide where to study and for whom. Horoscope will help to properly and accurately determine the life path of the child, right to direct him.

In my memory have hundreds of women and men — my visitors, who, surprised asked why their children had not grown very obedient. Why do many children lie and cause us, the adults, a serious problem? Why our husbands have to “catch” them at the disco, linger till morning, to find out during long family quarrels why they are skipping school or College, and persecute them from the computer, so they don’t spend the whole night without sleep?

Naughty children in many families are the same way — do not obey their parents, but the reasons for this behavior can be quite different. Within the horoscope of the boy with Cancer, I discovered an interesting feature — the moon in Aquarius and Mars in Pisces, which gives the tearfulness and the desire to complain. He did not resist the words of parents who did not miss school, was very obedient, but still poorly studied because I was sick. The planet showed that the health of his really weak, but not what to miss school for many months.

Parents already surpassed all the doctors of the city of Toronto and was going to take him to Israel when I asked them to think about not faking if their child illness. At first, the outrage of the parents knew no bounds. “How dare you!” — threw me dirty looks father. In a month these people were back in my office. “We realized that he really likes to hurt. ”

Surprisingly, the cause of his illness was the lack of attention from parents. People who have strongly expressed in Cancer, in need of family warmth, comfort, understanding, want to be loved. Because parents are always busy and in school for it is a hostile environment, he always wants to be home and to make of him constantly concerned. Therefore, ill, by all means — complaints, tears, elicits attention and compassion. Deprived of attention and love in ordinary life, he subconsciously realized that only during illness will be able to experience the power of parental love and generosity towards yourself.

Some children are really trying to extend his disease for as long as possible to bask in the love of their parents. And others choose another way — offend, mind to every word and constantly resist any requests. This, oddly enough, is also a kind of desire to get attention.

Sometimes parents complain about the “difficult” child who “sucks the mother energy”. Such a child is unkind, stubborn. Always demand something, naughty. There is a “baby vampire”, which is usually accompanied by begging expensive purchases, tantrums and blackmail. In what the reason of such behavior of the child? What causes him to take away the energy in adults? Often it is not a disease, not physical exhaustion and lack of care and attention to the child. But the apparent lack of true love. For example, mother is cheerful and funny woman — immediately after the birth of his daughter became very irritable. The child, apparently, interferes with her former lifestyle. Now all the energy, time, attention she is forced to give this little creature. Secretly, deep down, she hates it her baby. She is doing everything it should be: on time feeding, changing diaper, but the baby is still dissatisfied, he or she is cranky and “all demands”. What? He needs love! Mother bribes handouts: “On, just don’t bother. “That’s where the true cause of the bad character of the child, whims, tantrums and children of disobedience: mother deprived of her child the most powerful and most energy — love energy. If the mother will be able to change their attitude towards her daughter, the child will cease to be a small vampire.

I have often noticed this behavior in children who have a lot of planets in Scorpio or Sagittarius. Their resistance and disobedience they cause in the family anger, shouting, and sometimes scandals. And in those moments they “get” what they think is theirs in the first place, but I receive enough parental love and attention.

What to do with such a naughty child and how to make so that did not come to trouble? First of all it is necessary to study his horoscope, learn the peculiarities of his character. Although you have given birth it’s obnoxious, but beautiful creature, I assure you, you pretty much don’t know about it. What you learn in my office, will be open for you. After this we need to find out its strengths and weaknesses — where it may form complexes, and he is a real genius. Knowing the direction of his life, including professional, you will be able to help him to bring out the very best in yourself, will help get rid of complexes.

In the horoscope can be seen and the desire of a teenager to take what is bad and unjustified generosity when he gives away his stuff and tutorials to anyone who liked him. One visitor long assured me that her son would never take someone else’s. I told her that on a certain day, while passing his mercury on the border of 3 at home, he is caught by the police for shoplifting, and what happened to the exact minute. This could not happen if she believed me from the beginning and stopped to encourage the wrong behavior of his son.

To understand how to raise a child, I must consider the imposition of the horoscope of the child and his parents. Without this complex interaction cannot be come to the right conclusions. But that is all the questions of my method of reading the horoscope. Your task is love, care and attention to their child. Important — be sure to book the horoscope of your child. Without horoscope you can not cope with such a complex and difficult business as his upbringing. And the sooner you call his horoscope, the more successful will handle the case.

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