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  We all develop gradually, and not parents exception. Recognition of the benefits, success Recognition of achievements is a technique that helps the child to master yourself worthy and special.…

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Secondary school No. 1 - Report on work with troubled Teens and dysfunctional families
    Someone, sometime, must answer Exposing the truth, the truth of the opening, What is difficult children? Here he sets before us, look, Tightened the spring, he despaired, Like…

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Sex education for girls – Reviews of medical institutions

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Sex education for girls

A girl entering puberty, you need to inform in advance of the appearance of menstruation, possible premenstrual nervousness (irritability, mood change). She often wants to get out, “out”, trusts innermost thoughts only to the diary. Others are often concerned about breaking her rudeness, tearfulness, injustice. But before this, the girl was distinguished by moderation, gentleness, openly expressed good feelings towards parents. What is the explanation of this break-up?

The observed changes are not mandatory satellites puberty, and even more cannot and should not be resistant nature. Much, very much depends on the girls, how they will learn to control himself. Of course, irritability, resentment, and other such phenomena – frequent symptoms of the transition period, the result of changes in the nervous and endocrine systems. We must try to do so that others do not suffer from this. It is important to learn to manage their feelings, to smile, even when difficult. Otherwise it is difficult to establish a rapport with others, to defuse its own tensions.

Approximately 18 years girls become sexually Mature, i.e., capable of performing complex specific functions of the female body – motherhood. From awkward teenagers they turn tsya in girls, charming and graceful.

P olavie hormones, excelling in the blood, affect not only sexual, but also the overall development. Therefore, along with changing appearance, changing the girl’s character, her state of mind, attitude towards others. In this period, there are other aspirations, interests, desires, expand horizons. However, from time to time can be manifested by mood instability, manifested sometimes in unexpected transition from turbulent, sometimes causeless gaiety to sullen taciturnity, depression, crying-easily thing, hostility to others, loved ones, and the inclination to rash actions. These emotional outbursts are observed less and less, but again they must be suppressed by the will, the desire to overcome his weakness. One of the signs of maturity is the increasing attraction to the opposite sex. Usually it is expressed weaker than boys, rather is in the nature of the needs for affection, tenderness, attention. It should be emphasized that sexual feeling of the girl is characterized in that the desire for intimacy under the influence of sexual arousal she is not as demanding in nature than in boys. However, girls sometimes agree to yield to the insistence of a loved one against their will. Much is later tragedies on this ground! How often suffer the girl, believing the man who to her what a great feeling! That’s another area of human relations, a very complex and delicate. It is necessary to tell especially.

The goal of sex education – education honest and pure relationship between a man and a woman of high moral beliefs, the right direction of the sexual instincts, and in some cases and suppress them.

Preparing my daughter to the age changes the body and for future motherhood, mother in conversations you must not insult her modesty and dignity.

The ultimate goal of sex education – the formation of happy marriages, in which reign. love, mutual respect. She needs to understand that sexual life without love, outside of marriage is impossible.

Willpower and sense of modesty of the girl – reliable custodians of its morality. Modesty in youth helps to hide and keep sexual feelings, gives the correct direction throughout the behavior. It is very important to instill the girl these qualities from early childhood.

Just talk and conversations of the parents, not backed by personal example, will not bring any benefit. Powerful educational factor for children is the mutual respect, care, tenderness of parents to each other.

Already from childhood, the child begins to understand the simple desires of adults, captures their mood. He feels joy, love, anger, curiosity. And there are the beginnings of more complex feelings – jealousy, shame. Such are superficial, unstable, but strong feelings define the behavior of the child, which is quite fast it is individuality.

Mutual relations of parents are the model on which boys and girls form the installation of femininity and masculinity, rights and responsibilities. It is in the relationship with the parents, the child learns to recognize and understand the emotions of others, sees the patterns of mutual assistance. A huge role the family plays a father who has assumed part of the burden of raising children.

Not making fun, making fun of affection arising between teenagers.

During the conversation with her daughter need to pay more attention not physiological, and moral side between boy and girl.

Puberty and libido appear in person much earlier completion of physical development. Early sexual activity is harmful because even the fragile body is not able, without prejudice to their normal development to experience the excitement and consequences associated with sexual life. On the other hand, early sexual activity leads to that person loses all the best that is in him in his youth – the purity of the relationship, the freshness of perception, excitement, anticipation, love and happiness.

Often afterwards, when the marriage the girl is already broken, spiritually empty, and sometimes sick.

Early and indiscriminate sexual life often starts in the context of random encounters of adolescents, unsupervised and idle pastime, drinking.

Sometimes a pass in the company of peers or senior not only for boys but also for girls becomes a cigarette. Drinking alcohol and Smoking help to overcome the barrier of shyness and encourage sexual promiscuity.

To the early awakening of sexual feelings often leads the bad example of others, or acquaintances, as well as the lack of proper sex education.

The girl needs to be aware about the dangers of early casual sex, which weakens the body physically. She needs to know that sexual life in connection with fertility in a woman’s life plays a much greater role than in a man’s life, to know about the dangers of abortion, leading to gynecological diseases, infertility and sexual coldness, to early aging, to remember about sexually transmitted diseases that can maim, make a lifelong disability.

A very important condition of sex education is a normal workload of child work, defined responsibilities.