In front of me — pretty woman 35-40 years. The young and pleasant, and my hands were shaking and confused speech. "All my life raised him (the son), protected…

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The Child was spoiled.
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How to build a good relationship with her husband?


How to create a happy family? Harmony in relations – happy understanding wife and adoring husband, a behavior model of family relations for children that they will absorb like a sponge and takes in his family.

Love lives only where it creates itself there is only love, and love is just a passion that burns very quickly, and it is sustained — the relationship comes to a crash. You need to learn to keep the love for a husband, it is so wonderful to be “her own husband’s wife.” Just because a woman happy marriage, already leading her energy channel on the way to success in your personal life. If wife is happy, it comes from good energy, she smiles, and does not throw an evil grimace, pursing his lips, the husband intuitively feels that his wife is happy and tries to make good for his wife and his family.

To keep the family hearth has always been the responsibility of the female. Because we women are emotionally stronger than men. And more than the wife can give her husband, the more from him and from life in General just good it will get. After all, women who really know how to love and inspire your man, live happily, happily married and everything in their life go well. These women and personal way with everything in order, and the husband does not change. To realize love in the family, one must consciously and to think correctly, and correct thoughts generate the right feelings and right actions, which enables the pair to create together and develop.

Why is it? First we are happy, in love to “butterflies in the stomach”, the man and the woman most loved and desired each other, the best in the world, they are capable of feats for their halves. Sounds Mendelssohn’s March, we received the most wonderful man in the world has been waiting for my whole life, but after a while…and we don’t understand what’s going on. The husband is not such a wonderful and more annoying, the love is gone, the joy of life gradually disappears.

The wife realizes that she has ceased to be a happy wife, both husband and wife start to stare at other men and women. What can you do? To divorce and seek a new husband? But where is the guarantee that in the next relationship will be better, and they will not have other shortcomings, and then following the other and third… And maybe we should look at the situation through different eyes, to start acting and try to change attitudes for the better. No wonder you chose the man you loved, and love still, this is your dear person, you just let the situation take its course, the two of us made a lot of mistakes. But it is possible to fix and rehabilitate the relationship. Let us all re-evaluate and begin to act!

You need to constantly perform only a few useful practices and learn how to create a good man, friendly and loving relationship, create favorable climate in the family.

How to build a good relationship with her husband. The algorithm family relations.

1. First, it is the intention – proper installation of women in the family. A woman should love her husband and to understand what this man — the best option for it!

2. Do not yell. To exclude the raising of the voice at her husband. This is very important.

3. To inspire her husband and develop your own exploits with the promotion and proper communication. To pay more attention and show affection. Don’t be afraid to once again come to hug and kiss her man.

4. To properly communicate with her husband. Interested in his Affairs. To praise and praise. The more the better, even for a minor the right things.

5. To record the gratitude of her husband.

6. To control thinking. Not to let the head bad thoughts. Your husband is the best! It is very important to think of it in advance give him support and love.

Now the details. How to create a friendly relationship with her husband?

Every woman, the wife has the powers of a Goddess, she can do my family! To develop in the husband best quality smooth and disadvantages, to make a man more talented and richer. The better a woman will make the life of his men and the more he will give (I mean moral comfort and personal development), the more she gets, the law of the boomerang in the Universe. The main intention if not, then a wife murdering her husband, making him leneva, away and dumber. For my wife it is important to love a man, the feeling of love gives her strength for creativity.

To man to love and to maintain harmony in relationships need a lot of good about him constantly think. Remember the beginning of your relationship, how many times a day you think about your favorite, what he is beautiful and the best, as you want them. So you energetically fueled her man. If you get back a lot of good to think about it, you inevitably fall in love again. Think in the right direction. If you begin to sincerely rejoice that you are “married woman”, you’ll have a positive attitude towards family, fill it with positive and her husband, the family will become stronger. Let go of resentment, and the demand and pressure replace on inspiration, suggestion and encouragement.

To develop in the man’s own abilities, the first thing is to respect him. If respect for the husband, the marriage will not be successful. A woman needs to feel that the man was smarter than her, that is the nature. No need to repress husband constantly arguing, defending their rights. A smart woman would never openly argue and talk with my husband! The husband should earn money, and the wife to create a comfortable environment, to provide moral support, to inspire, to make sensible suggestions. In husband definitely need to believe and then all he will succeed and career and business. Send him during the day, the brightest and best thoughts and your own images. For example, if you want improve in your career for your husband, imagine the image as if it already happened, and as my husband works in a new position. Wonder how this practice works, absolutely unexpectedly, the husband will receive the necessary support. Of course, will assume that this is a chance, but we — that smart women know that just because nothing comes into our lives.

If you need something from your husband to get, one need not put any pressure on him. It is better to use manipulation and then the man himself at will all bring on a saucer with blue kimochi.

The rule is: do not yell in the home. Yes, it is easier to temper and yell at her husband, but do not do it, better keep quiet, think things through and then, if he deems it reasonable, explain to her husband. So did my grandmother, the family has never been heard shouts and the more mats. If that — that wasn’t it, grandma turned away, pursing his lips (still do, as she should), and his grandfather said that I wish she swore, than with a look to be silent. Nor can a husband to command, to raise the voice and life to teach, not yell and argue stupid… Yes it’s hard, at the beginning of this practice. But this ancient wisdom. Your man will be truly courageous, learn to carry a conscious responsibility for you and the family all the peace and the house will be full bowl.

You should encourage her husband to new victories. A woman who is able to inspire, gives the opportunity to develop the personality of men and material side also. Tested on their own experience.

Encourage and praise for everything. The garbage taken out, praise for the care, wages brought – any breadwinner, the more praise — the better. “Good call, and nice cat…” If you find it difficult to praise her husband out loud, keep a notebook and write all the good thoughts about him during the day, you need to write every day, over and over. Record these to the husband is not necessary to show, let it be your little secret. It helps a lot in improving relations and passion for her husband. You will see all his good qualities and flaws on which will work.

The man should know that he is the best, important and beloved man in your life. But he also needs to know that you like me and other men, it will stimulate him to further you to win. Healthy jealousy can not hurt the family, but the husband has to trust you 100%. Healthy jealousy is a well – kept appearance of his wife and her charm, understanding, that you like men. To be attractive to her husband is not easy, because he practically knows all about you and sees every day. The wife needs a lot of personal charm and a variety of “female stuff”.

Therefore, even going to the store together or for a walk, do not be lazy to do makeup and wear beautiful clothes to your man see that you pay attention to men.

We believe in You and Your feminine charm, be a wise woman and You will increase the love and prosperity in your family!

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