Tips for parents
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How to raise a child, not izbalovan it? What to do with spoiled children and what methods of rehabilitation effective?
The desire to surround your child with care and warmth, to give him all the best characteristic of all normal parents. But we want to get the gratitude, not the…

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Children of the Nikolaev streets

This summer only in the Central area of the city of Nikolaev detained 62 of a teenager for various offenses Dog dragged through the yard cuts of meat. Were is all that remained

This summer only in the Central area of the city of Nikolaev detained 62 of a teenager for various offenses

Dog dragged through the yard cuts of meat. Was is all that remains of a first grader, who was wanted. The terrible story happened a few years ago in the Central district of Nikolaev. But it will be shocking

This summer only in the Central area of the city of Nikolaev detained 62 of a teenager for various offenses

Dog dragged through the yard cuts of meat. Was is all that remains of a first grader, who was wanted. The terrible story happened a few years ago in the Central district of Nikolaev. But it will still be shocking. In twelve years of practice, the chief of criminal militia on Affairs of minors of the Central district Oksana CTOC – this is a case that does not fit in the head, like a woman, like her mother’s.

– Oksana Ivanovna, mother killer herself went to the police and filed a missing child?

– Yes. This case shocked me. Alerted only that in the eyes of the woman who came to declare the missing son is a first grader, was no hopelessness. She came to us once. Blatantly lied that went tellers who tell me where to look for the boy. Fake concern. She gave birth to the unfortunate kid to keep married second husband, who was much younger. In the end he still left. The child began to women’s burden. One day she went out for a son who wanted to go to the classmate to visit. Shouted him go: “Go home”. The boy obeyed. The woman caught him, dragged into the basement of a neighboring house, strangled. Tried to burn the corpse. And left him there in the basement. And the next day came to us in militia.

And another case over the years, I was stunned. The family had four children. Roommate warned the woman that stayed with her to live, if there will be only two younger children. Senior it hurt. She got them killed.

– Oksana Ivanovna, is it possible to say that the last time the children often leave home and family?

Unfortunately, it is. Over the past seven months of this year recorded only on the Central region 49 of appeals for the disappearance of children. In the same period last year was less – 31 treatment.

– Why is this happening?

– Clear answer to this question is difficult. Because children go not only from dysfunctional families, where the rampant drunkenness, violence. And, at first glance from perfectly normal families, families with incomes. The cases are different. Now five teenagers are wanted. These children are left by themselves. The saddest thing is that teenagers feel that they are not needed in the family, they are unnecessary. And run away from home children who are 11, 12 years old, which was not observed before. We find many and returned to the family, but they run away again. They are bad at home. And sometimes, we find the teenager, driven home and hear from my mother: “Do what you want with him, I don’t need it”.

There was a case where the father still tried to fight for his son. The mother of the eldest son does not need. Parents turned their attention to the younger child. The senior has been granted to himself. Once again it was returned to his parents. But again there was a conflict. After another preventive conversations the boy goes to visit her grandmother in and steals it for 700 USD. So he tries to avenge his parents. And in a shelter for minors to contain the law, he’s not an orphan, parents deprived of parental rights. Breaks down the life of a teenager. And no one but the police, not the fate of the boy.

– Oksana Ivanovna, what does today, the criminal police?

– Now runs a nationwide operation “Summer”, aimed at prevention of juvenile delinquency and neglect. Carry out raids, preventive conversations. But our tasks are difficult to perform. Only on enthusiasm. We have no transportation. To organize the kids is very difficult. Most often, children idle loafing yards. Many parents do not have enough money to send their children to the improvement in the resort or in the boarding house. Mostly teenagers are lost in cyber cafes. Moreover, the managers of these facilities is absolutely no wonder why 9-year-old or 11-year-old boy spends the night at the club. Why isn’t home? In the meantime, parents come to us and write statements about the missing children. Other entrepreneurs take on the job of adolescents is not interested in neither the children nor the parents ‘ consent. I don’t mind to earn money in the summer. But right in this civilized approach, rather than just using cheap labour. Recently came anxious parents, thinking that their little boy was kidnapped, wrote a statement about the loss. As a teenager at the time left on the coast, got a job as an administrator in the computer room. The employer did not even asked, you know about his parents. Change the situation, we, the officers, without the support of local authorities, employers are not able to. You need to apply more stringent measures, the penalties, but it’s not in our jurisdiction.

Over the summer 62 teenager detained in the Central district of the city of Nikolaev for various offenses: vagrancy, begging, and disorderly conduct, drunkenness.

On Lenin Avenue and Dzerzhinsky street six-year-old boy begged for money. Conversation with his mother a few shocked us. She forced the boy to do it, believes that he should be able to make money on a piece of bread. The begging in her eyes – this is one way of work. “He’s not stealing! Asks, people served, which we live. Earn 30-40 UAH per day,” convinced of the correctness mother.

– How often do Teens commit crimes?

– Unfortunately, Yes. In the criminal police two forms of registration of children. They are teenagers who made a cameo offenses, have substance abuse, use of single drugs or wander, fall for disorderly conduct. And the consideration of the Teens who committed the crimes charged. This is the they. Such in our area today 37 adolescents. Among them were two girls. One is registered for theft, the other for fighting. The young Amazon was severely beaten by a contemporary.

– But what is most disturbing occurred among teenagers this summer?

– Flourished fraud. Suffered a lot of girls. Fraudsters have designed entire scenario, telling gullible Nikolaev teenagers that their house is listed in money the damage. And if the fate of the parents who are fighting, or the life and health of the mother, who is sick, who care, it is urgent to get rid of such money. Fraudsters may had hypnosis, or simply a subtle psychologist. But the girls believed them and came across to these tricks. The Teens took out large sums of money for damage removal. Fraudsters handed girls ritual threads, needles that have been stuck in a tree. While the child tried to perform the ritual, the swindler, as a rule, disappeared with the loot. In one case, the crook, the girl made a diplomat with a large sum of money. Parents were saving for the purchase of an apartment. But the family often had conflicts, and the girl really wanted to help friends and family people. Agreed to remove the damage. Eventually these stories as a child – victim twice. On the one hand, moral frustration, anger and misunderstanding parents.

– Oksana Ivanovna, given your long experience, what would you advise today the Nikolaev parents?

– If the child is on the street, not only is he himself may commit a crime, but can become a victim. Those adolescents who find themselves in the list of inmates, often end their lives on trial and in prison. Do not allow this. Do not leave your children unattended, love them, try to understand.

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