How to save a relationship
  To create a family doesn't come easy, but even harder to keep a strong harmonious relationship in the family. Sometimes women in all ways and possibilities of trying to…

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The energy Exchange between a man and a woman on the chakras
And center on the first man gives a woman power. Simply put, the man should lead the woman into their territory, in their space. If it's a rented apartment –…

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Tips for parents


Encourage the child to tell you about their school Affairs. Do not limit your interest in the usual type of question: “How was your day at school?” Each week, choose a time free from household chores, and carefully talk with your child about school.

Remember individual names, events, and details about which child tells you use them in the future to start a similar conversation about the school. Also, be sure to ask your child about his classmates, in the classroom, school subjects, teachers.

Regularly talk with your child’s teachers about his academic performance, behavior and relationships with other children. Without hesitation, speak to a teacher, if you feel that you don’t know about the school life of your child or about his problems with school, or on the relationship of his school and home problems. Even if no particular cause for concern, consult with your child’s teacher at least once in two months.

During any conversations with the teacher will Express our desire to do everything possible in order to improve the school life of the child. If you and the teacher have serious disagreements, make every effort to peacefully resolve them, even if I have to talk to the headmaster. Otherwise, you can accidentally put the baby in an awkward position of choosing between loyalty to you and respect to his teacher.

Do not tie the score for the child’s success with its system of punishments and rewards. Your child must see his good grades as a reward, and failure — as a punishment. If the child is studying is going well, exercise often your joy, you can even arrange a small celebration on this occasion. But Express your concern, if your child is not doing well in school, and, if necessary, insist on a more careful discharge of his home and class assignments. Try as much as possible not to set the punishments and rewards: for example, you’re half an hour more can watch TV for good grades, and half an hour less of the bad. Such rules themselves can lead to emotional problems.

Know the program and about the school where your child learns. You need to know what school your child’s life, and to be sure that he is getting a good education in good conditions. Attend all events and meetings organized by the parent Committee and teaching staff. Use every opportunity to learn how your child learns and how he is taught. You should also have information about teacher qualifications, disciplinary rules set out in the school / classroom, different learning opportunities provided by the school for your child.

Help your child with homework, but don’t make them yourself. Install with your child special time when you need to do your homework learned in school, and to track progress of these plants. This will help you form good habits of learning. Show interest in these jobs and make sure the child has everything needed to fulfill them in the best way. However, if the child turns to you with questions related to homework, help him find the answers yourself, but do not prompt them.

Help the child to feel an interest in what is taught in school. Find out what actually interests your child, then check the connection between his interests and the subjects studied in school. For example, the love of a child to the movies can be turned into the desire to read books, giving book, which is my favorite film. Or the love of a child for the games can be transformed into a desire to learn something new.

Look for any opportunities for your child to apply their knowledge learned in school, in home business. For example, instructed him to calculate the necessary amount of food for cooking or the right amount of paint to paint a certain surface.

A special effort is put to maintain a calm and stable atmosphere in the house, when in the child’s school life changing. Events such as the first few months in school, start and end of each school year, the transition from primary to secondary school and older, can lead to stress of a child of school age. Whenever possible, try to avoid big changes or disorders in a homely atmosphere during these events. Calm home life your child will help him more effectively to solve problems in school.

Check if You understand your child.

Dear parents! You are invited to a little quick test. It will help you determine whether you are ready to understand your child.

Manual. On approval of this test can be answered “Yes.” “no,” “don’t know”.


1. Some of the actions of a child you often respond, “explosion”, and then regret it.

2. You sometimes use the help or advice of friends when you don’t know how to react to Your child’s behavior.

3. Your intuition and experience is the best advisers in the child’s upbringing.

4. Sometimes You happen to trust the child a secret You wouldn’t tell anyone else.

5. You offended a negative opinion of other people about your child.

6. You happen to ask forgiveness of the child for his behavior.

7. Do you think that the child should not have secrets from your parents.

8. Do you notice between your character and personality differences that sometimes surprise you (please You).

9. You worry too much trouble or failure of your child.

10. You can resist buying interesting games for your child (even if you have the money), because I know that the house is filled with them.

11. Do you think that a certain age is the best educational argument for a child – physical punishment (belt)

12. Your child this is what you dreamed of.

13. Your child gives You more trouble than joy.

14. Sometimes You feel that the child teaches You new thoughts and behavior.

15. You have conflict with your own child.

Processing of the results:

For each answer “Yes” to the questions 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14. and For every “no” answer to the questions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 – You will receive 10 points.

For each answer “don’t know” by 5 points.

Count the points received.

Here’s what you get:

100-150 points.

You have a great ability to understand their own child. Your views and opinions – Your allies in solving various educational problems. If this practice is accompanied by such overt behavior, full of tolerance. You can be considered an example worthy of emulation. To the ideal missing one small step. It could be the opinion of Your child. I would venture?


You are on the right road to a better understanding of their own child. Your temporary difficulties or problems with the child You can allow, beginning with myself. And don’t try to make excuses like lack of time or nature of your child. There are a few issues that You have influence, so try to use it. And don’t forget that to understand doesn’t always mean to take. Not only children, but also their own personality too.

0-49 points.

It seems that there is more to sympathize with you and your child because he did not get to the parent – a good friend and guide on the difficult road of getting life experience. But all is not lost. If You really want to do something for your child, try to act otherwise. Maybe You will find someone who will help You with this. It won’t be easy, but will return in the future with gratitude and established life of Your child.

If You want to extract more information from this test, we ask the child to answer the test questions on your behalf: “How do you think these questions would be answered mom, how did you meet dad?”. You will get the opportunity to see ourselves through the eyes of your child

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