Poor, inadequate behavior of the child in kindergarten: how to re-baby
If your child misbehaves in kindergarten - most likely a consequence of education. If parents do not pay enough attention to the child, then it is because of this lack…

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Caring for parents, caring for children, caring for a child
  Wherever people are, around the world will be. The grass will grow and flowers, singing birds and walking other people. And care about this world from each person will…

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Center of additional education of children – Tips for parents


We all develop

gradually, and not parents


Recognition of the benefits, success

Recognition of achievements is a technique that helps the child to master yourself

worthy and special. Draw the attention to the side

life, where he has already achieved or is achieving currently successes.

success and confidence in the here and now and inspires children to new


Recognition of the benefits, success enhances motivation.

Recognition of the benefits enhances self-esteem.

Recognition of the benefits, success strengthens self-confidence

Recognition of the benefits, success encourages children to set new


Recognition of the merits of developing a sense of responsibility.

1. Recognizing the strengths and successes of the child, approach it creatively. Advantages of your child does not necessarily have to be associated with “star” achievements or to determine that they are doing something good. Participation, effort and the joy of being useful, too, deserves recognition.

Don’t forget that achievements can be expressed not only in the diplomas and prizes.

If the child is to learn to knit, weave, bathes the dog or finds you dropped an earring, all of it is worthy of attention.

2. The recognition aims to keep the child content with his life

and destiny here and now. Regularly pay attention to their past and current achievements.

Remind him that he had already succeeded in many areas of life.

Too often temporary troubles cause children to doubt

yourself, but if you will try to promptly and purposefully

to support their positive qualities, they will be able to quickly get to his feet after the fall and continue on a successful path.

3. Recognition usually refers to any action of the child. Though

children are remarkable in themselves, to gain a sense of achievement all need something more. Success should be tied to some tangible efforts and actions.

4. Creatively develop methods of recognition. The endless repetition

the same method of strengthening the self-esteem of the child, even

acting positively, significantly inferior in efficacy

use a variety of methods.

5. Regularly accept its advantages too. This will serve not

only a great role model for your child, but also

lift your mood when you need them most.

Let us continually remind ourselves that, despite all the troubles difficulties, we are still good parents.

Examples of recognition of merit, success

· I appreciate that you never forget to feed the dog.

· You have an excellent memory.

· I appreciate the active part which you took in today’s creative festival. You learned a lot and helped his comrades.

· Fellow that gave my grandmother a gift made with your own hands.

· Thank you for the patience you showed when we today had to wait in line at the Bank, etc.

However, be careful not to overdo it. Recognition

advantages, success requires complete honesty. The child is able

to feel your insincerity. So if you don’t believe in themselves

some of the qualities of their child, better focus

elsewhere, on the merits, which the child has

no doubt.

Tips on how to be a conscious parent

Conscious parents, from the point of view of the powers of the mind, those who day in and

day take educational decisions with the consciousness that

education of equal weight have their own personality traits and their relationship with the child. To be a conscious parent is to know yourself and to look into the causes that determine our actions and our attitude to these things. As conscious parents, we try to be role models for our children.

It is not always easy.

The truth is that the title of the parent is supposed to remind us that we are people too and are doomed to make mistakes. The main thing to learn from these mistakes and continue moving forward.

This should be done consciously and with love, respecting themselves and their children.

1. Ask yourself: “do Not interfere with any of my habits and beliefs become a better parent than I am?

2. Make a list of qualities that you would like to see in their child, against each item, mark whether you are in this question, the example to follow. Any discrepancies?

Remember: children are always willing to learn from your example. Their abilities are still developing. They are willing to believe in anything or become anyone. So why not give them the best example you can?

3. Share with them at the dining table with their success, whether it is about your work, Hobbies, family life or relationships with friends.

They were also impressed by our work, not our position in society, not our salary, and the expression of happiness, success and contentment that we show them.

4. Look at the other people who could have a positive

impact on the life of your child. If you want to see in your

the child some quality that is found in abundance your friend,

this person could be a mentor to your child. Search

opportunities to introduce your child with positive role

models in your family and the environment.

Tips for parents

1. Support the child of his desire to develop creative abilities.

Your sincere interest in his creative work and concerns,

serious attitude to his first achievements and possible

difficulties will help your child to confirm the importance of his

the choice to engage in creative activities.

2. Discuss with your child the rules and regulations, with whom he met in the institution. Explain the necessity and expediency.

3. Make with your child a daily routine, watch for compliance.

4. Don’t skip difficulties, possible the child at the initial stage of mastering of knowledge, abilities, creative skills in your chosen occupation.

5. Support the child in his desire to succeed. Necessarily praise for the first successes in creativity. Remember that praise and emotional support (“well Done!”, “You did good!”) able to noticeably increase creative achievements of the child.

6. If something bothers you in the child’s behavior, do not hesitate to seek the Council and advice of a teacher or psychologist.

7. Respect the opinions of your child about their teachers.

8. Never compare your child with more successful children. Such Parallels can only definitively dissuade the child in their own abilities. You can compare only with him, and try to keep these comparisons were positive: today you did better job than yesterday.

25 ways to tell your child, ” wow!”

Dear parents you can support your child’s words

– How did you do it?

– It is really beautiful.

Is an achievement.

– I am very grateful to you!

– How do you feel?

Thank you for participating.

– You are a good friend because you…

Tips for parents

Every child is an a student or a d student, active or sluggish, an athlete or a wuss – deserves love and respect: the value is in him. Remember that your child does not consist entirely of flaws, weaknesses, failures. The advantages of the child now, you should be able to see them. Don’t be stingy with praise. You should praise the performer, but only to criticize the execution. To praise personally, and to criticize more indifferent. Any increase of requirements to start with praise, even in advance. Make your children achievable goals. Instead of order to ask for advice or help, like equal or senior. Permissions learn children much better than bans, If necessary, punishment, remember that it is not worth twice punished for the same error. The child must understand why he is being punished. Need to convince myself that in most cases, remarks, pulling, requirements are not needed!

The child's Behavior is mirroring the relationship of the parents
  To help parents in the upbringing of cultural behavior among children; to help them see their deficiencies in the process of education and to find ways of addressing them.…


Caring for parents, caring for children, caring for a child
  Wherever people are, around the world will be. The grass will grow and flowers, singing birds and walking other people. And care about this world from each person will…

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