Caring for parents, caring for children, caring for a child
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Accustom the child to the potty. An overview of the most known techniques.


You only pondered the question, what is the accustom the child to the potty?

Perhaps you plan to potty train a four month baby or want to quickly teach a child to potty at the age of three years – in any case it will be a significant milestone in its development.

Consider some of the most common and known techniques accustom to the pot.

A method of schooling that focuses on the child.

Child-centred approach to potty training was introduced So the berry brazelton’s in 1962. and was enthusiastically accepted by the public. In the year 2000. the American Academy of Pediatrics has developed guidelines accustom to the pot, using many of the ideas in this child-centered approach.

According to the recommendations, the baby should not be forced to hurry with the housebreaking, but it needs to go through the whole process at your own pace. Unlike focused on parents ‘ approach, this method involves a gradual transition to the use of the pot, and should begin only after Your baby has reached a certain physical and psychological milestones: able to execute commands, uses a phrase of two words, knows how to walk, etc. Parents should reward children with praise and positive reinforcement, not with gifts or sweets.

It is, today, one of the most common trends in the subject of potty training.

It is believed that children who have reached readiness and are ready to be accustomed to the pot, should be easy to learn. In practice, for many children the habit of using diapers becomes so deep, that to abandon it is very difficult.

Using this method (i.e. waiting until your child is ready and he will show a desire to learn) can lead to various difficulties. For example, if you need to take your child to the kindergarten. In addition, the use of disposable diapers usually costs the parents more than 500.00 per year.

By a strange coincidence, the emergence of child-centered method coincided with the invention of disposable diapers “Pampers”. Until that time, diapers are washed after each bowel movement, and my parents had much more of an incentive to start potty training much earlier, instead of leaving the timing at the discretion of the baby.

Start at birth. Method of Natural baby care products

Method of Natural Hygiene baby (ER) is a natural way to start potty training much earlier than conventional methods of schooling. IT can be started from birth or later, as convenient to the parents. But, as a rule, parents are starting to use IT between birth and age three to four months. This is a completely harmless, natural way from the beginning to teach Your child to recognize and manage their physiological functions.

Natural Hygiene Baby suggests that mom (or nanny) recognizes the signals in time and drops off the baby peeing or pooping on the toilet or potty. The use of sounds and body signals to communicate between parent and child leads to the strengthening of the connection between them, enhances the interaction and, ultimately, provides a smooth transition into the final phase accustom to the pot.

Before You have time to think here and found the solution for you – You should know that.

IT is not the teaching of the child to the potty in its purest form. It is a long, gentle, gradual system, which allows to reduce the number of diapers to a minimum. The system replaces the hourly changing of diapers hourly visits to the potty.

Although, when using the ER, Your child will not be able to completely independently potty before the time, until it is physically ready, it is still potty training and mastering skills in the care of the child will take much less time, and it will happen at an earlier age. In the future this will allow to quickly teach a child to potty.

Accustom the child to the potty in one day.

This method, which allows you to quickly teach a child to potty was developed and became popular in the distant 1970s. The essence of this method is that one morning You announce to your child that he will no longer wear diapers. The child spends the next four to eight hours, pruchase to properly use a toilet.

However, in all programs who promise to quickly teach a child to potty . there is a main condition: they recommend to use the method only when the child shows all the signs of readiness and be at the age of approximately two years. Also, the authors of these programs warn that “accidents” can happen for many months and the parent has to be ready for it.

Most children are not fully trained by the end of this training day. But the training itself acts as a catalyst, and in the coming months, the training is easy.

Accustom the child to the potty by the method of “timer”

Method of timer – a technique that is believed by many parents, is less stressful for parent and child than “Schooling for one day”. However, the path to complete success can last from weeks to several months.

The essence of the method is that the parents set the timer for a certain period of time, for example 15 min. When the timer rings, the child is taken to the toilet to potty training. If the child went successfully – he receives a material reward such as a sticker. No penalty for “accident” is not. Over time, the skills become more sustainable and the timer interval becomes longer.

This method can be difficult if Your child is particularly stubborn. Maintaining high levels of motivation over such a large period of time is doubtful.

The method “$ 75 and walking naked”

Training technique that assumes that the toilet training should be simple and no-nonsense. It is believed that if a child is ready to potty training, he is old enough to learn the most.

The training begins with an explanation of how and what is expected of the child. Parents explain and show by example, that is required from the child. And then say: “Now it’s your turn. Mom and Dad expect that from this time you will use the potty”.

The child goes naked for three to seven days until he learns to use the toilet. The essence of what a child should be naked – this should help him physically to understand the process of selection. Much easier for a child to understand that it poops or pisses, when “it” flowing in the leg, and not be absorbed by the absorbent diaper. Parents can help, if necessary, but do not interfere during the learning process.

The $ 75 is the amount parents have to pay for the dry cleaning of carpeting (probably in America).

Now that You’re somewhat understand the difference between methods, it is necessary to decide which method to teach a child to potty works best for You and Your little one. Is there any one the right and the wrong method? And be able to quickly teach a child to potty ?

Be sure that the decision to reject one method and start using the other will lead to the fact that Your child would ever do psychoanalysis. The most important thing in any method – any punishment or behavior that the child may perceive as an insult.

Potty training is not a competition between the baby and the parent and should not spoil Your relationship with him.

Remember, You – the parent. You are the decision maker. You set the rules for academic success.

Keep your sense of humor – You need it 🙂

Accustom the child to the potty, to quickly teach a child to potty

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Caring for parents, caring for children, caring for a child
  Wherever people are, around the world will be. The grass will grow and flowers, singing birds and walking other people. And care about this world from each person will…

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