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What to do with the child during the summer holidays?


This question is raised by all parents. Preparing for the summer vacation begins long before their occurrence. Parents begin to rack their brains as to what to do with their child that he or she did not spend all the time playing computer games, and have not been glued to the TV. Who faced with this, understand that it is not so simple.

Nowadays it is difficult to surprise our younger generation, but still it is real. What is important is the desire, persistence and patience.

Let’s look at several options than can take a child on summer vacation.

1. Dacha.

That’s really where to go with the child on summer vacation cheaper! Especially if you live in a big city, you just need to go to the cottage. Fresh air, sun and water treatments just necessary for a growing body. Your child will benefit from a change of scenery, but your task is to help him to spend time with benefit and under supervision.

First. what you need to do is get to know their neighbors (unless of course, you were not familiar). Perhaps they too have children that would help your child to occupy his free time. Ways to explore very much, but the faithful will invite them for tea. If among your neighbors have children, do not despair. There are many ways to captivate your child without the help of outsiders.

Second. what you need to do is to allocate a small plot of land for their child. Even if you are not planting yourself, then do it for him. Believe me, he’ll be interested in this occupation. Put together anything with him. Flowers, dill, berries, but do not forget to consider his opinion, because this mini-vegetable garden. Teach him to care for what’s planted and explain what the fate is in his hands. This will develop a sense of responsibility in your child, and you will always care for them.

Third. what you need to do is to know his opinion about what he would like to see in the country. It can be anything. From elementary benches on the street, to change the color of the walls in the bathroom. Take the time to sit down with your child and discuss it. He is sure to share with you ideas, and together you can get started. He will be willing to participate in this because I suggested it.

Fourth. There is probably no such suburban areas, near which there would be forests. In this case, and solve nothing. It is clear to everyone where to go with the child on summer vacation… Go with the child into the woods to take your camera. Gather mushrooms, berries, nuts. Tell me about the trees and grasses that you meet. To him it will be very interesting, and most importantly, useful. You can show him what mushrooms are edible and which are not. To show what berries you can eat and which will not. Collect flowers and on arrival in the house, put them in a vase and be sure to take a picture with him, which would then, in the cold season he could think about it. Will definitely ask him to help you in cooking that you have collected in the forest. He will gladly help you.

Fifth. Purchase a small (and if it is possible and large) pool. In the world not yet born is the child who wouldn’t love the water! Usually children are ready to stay for hours in water that is not even bad. Ask him to help you in the installation of the pool, and he will not be able to deny you.

Sixth. Bring your bike, scooter or roller skates. Children with pleasure will ride on them, forgetting the time and where they reminisce about the computer. And you will not think what to do with the child’s summer vacation…

2. Sea.

Also an excellent option where to go with the child on summer vacation. If possible, sit down with your child and discuss where he wanted to go. Believe me, your child is already quite large, in order to choose and wish for something. I suggest you do a list of places where you could afford to travel and provide him or her, in detail, explain to your child what awaits him there. Your child will definitely choose, and you can safely go.

These options are ideal for those families in which one parent is not working or can take a vacation. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Now, let’s see what can do with their child, those parents who can’t take a vacation, but I think with whom to leave the child on summer vacation.

3. Children’s camp.

This is the first thing that comes to mind for most parents. Nowadays there are many camps that are for a fee, ready to take your child for a whole month. This, of course, a good option for those families in which parents are simply not able to be with the child. But the main thing here is to choose right and suitable for your child. Now their selection is huge. There are sports, religious, mathematical, literary, etc. gradients. There are also camps separately for girls and boys. Before you decide which camp you are going to send your child, don’t forget to consider two main points. The first is to take into account the opinion of the child and the second to send to the camp, where the child will do what he likes. If your child loves math, then in camp with a literary slant he will have nothing to do. Believe me, soon you will hear the request that you would have taken it.

There are also day camps, so if you are in the city there are, you can try to see what the program is and the slope.

4. School.

If no one with whom to leave the child on summer vacation, each school has a summer camp. There children spend slightly more than half of the day. This option is good enough, because the child is in a familiar environment. He is surrounded by friends and classmates. Practice they’re low, but they will help in the next academic year. Talk to your child, because you have 80% probability that he agrees, but, in any case do not force it.

If none of the above you did not come and you still have no idea where to place the child on summer vacation, here’s some advice for what would distract him from such a boring computer.

1. Going to work, give your child a job. For example: to clean the floors, take out the trash, water the flowers, etc.

2. Ask him to watch a show about animals that he would then be able to retell it to you. You’s so interesting where elephants live? And even if you know the answer to this question. But it is important that the child received at least some knowledge, even using such tricks.

3. Agree with him that if he will perform the task for the subjects that he’s not very well given you permission to play him.

And most importantly, do not forget that there are many different clubs, theatres, museums, parks, to reduce child on summer vacation at the weekend – nice job! Fun and him and you. Ask your provider so he or she wanted to visit and try to fulfill all wishes. Well, if not all, then at least some part of it.

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