The Effect of alcohol on conception in men and women
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Children born in 2015: the nature and the horoscope of the child
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Dad and baby: when to start? Child from 0 to the year – Parents and children


What feels a man when he learns about his wife’s pregnancy? In beautiful films happy father’s showering the mother-to-million scarlet roses and love circling arms around the room. In fact, as a rule, the man, of course, pleased and proud, but slightly confused. He understands that big changes are coming in their measured and established life, but still have not idea what is coming.

Often wife’s pregnancy is perceived as a disease. By the way, our society actively supports this idea. Not by chance in the antenatal clinic in the heading “diagnosis” wrote: “pregnancy is, the period of so-and-so”.

Often, the future Pope believes that its role in the reproduction of offspring, he had performed, and now removed, since man is not the case – to go to the doctors and consultations, as well as to study the characteristics of prenatal development of the baby, not to mention how to attend the birth.

You put up with it or maybe you gnawing resentment, reinforced by the hormonal changes of pregnancy (after all a woman in this period is especially sensitive and sentimental)? It is very important to understand: your husband are motivated not so much an unwillingness to work with you to experience pregnancy and childbirth, how much fear of the unknown, your alienation.

Is it possible somehow to influence this situation?

We are waiting

In the process of pregnancy, things can change. And here we would like to talk about the courses in preparation for childbirth. Of course, now the sea of literature about pregnancy and childbirth. Seems to read a couple of books – and you are fully prepared, and do not need any courses.

However, courses are valuable for its very special atmosphere – love and joyful expectation. And the Pope is not just of themselves to the Pope, as part of “pregnant couples”. Of course, in the conditions of modern life that is often filled to the limit with work, important meetings and negotiations, not easy to find time for lectures and exercises on “pregnant” courses. But consider whether it’s important that will you in the near future, are there any negotiations is more important than the conversation with your own, yet to be born baby? Courses prospective parents are assigned almost equal roles in the upbringing of the child before birth. They listen to lectures, watch films about childbirth, and fear of the unknown is gradually disappearing, giving way to a bright and quiet waiting.

Remember the books and movies that usually makes a caring and loving husband during childbirth wife? The stress smokes one cigarette after another, wandering near the maternity hospital. sitting home by the phone, calling the front Desk every half hour, for in one moment from a completely alien and indifferent person to hear about one of the most important events of his life. In our society for centuries stereotype: birth – is indecent, unpleasant and scary process, where man has no place. To break this stereotype is not so simple.

“I didn’t want her husband present at birth that he saw me in the Taco-o-om! Birth – it is not aesthetically pleasing…And I want to always remain for him a Woman”.

Familiar feeling?

What really think of men?

“My husband, watching some movies about childbirth, said: “And that, in fact, in childbirth so terrible?”

The Child was spoiled.
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