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How electromagnetic radiation affects children?


We do not see the electromagnetic field, we vaguely knew what it was and therefore the danger seems to be mythical. However, unfortunately, the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on our health is difficult to overestimate. If we are talking about the child, the effect increases tenfold – there is a violation of the immune, nervous, cardiovascular, reproductive and endocrine systems. How to avoid and protect children?

We interviewed expert of the St. Petersburg center of hygiene and epidemiology «Control” Kniazeva of Larisa.

– Larissa Viktorovna, what is the source of the electromagnetic fields.

– Sources of such radiation is in every apartment: electrical wiring, household electrical appliances (irons, vacuum cleaners, furnaces, TVs), cordless phones, computers and laptops etc All this creates a so-called household electrosmog. Also electromagnetic radiation enters the apartment from the outside: it is produced transformers, cell towers, television and radio towers, signal amplifiers, power lines…

– Is it really dangerous? No one’s until he died…

– To judge so emphatically desired objective statistical data. But no such data, so I tried to be careful about the lack of deaths. Electromagnetic radiation, of course, not the bullet – its impact is not immediate. But the violation of the cardiovascular system in children – this is also a very serious.

The biological effect accumulates as long as the contact with the radiator is not stopped. At particular risk are children and pregnant women. Radiation affects not only our body but also on the health and intelligence of future children. It happens more and more congenital abnormalities.

Not coincidentally, in recent years, coined the term “eco-dependent pathology” — the so-called health disorders caused by exposure to harmful environmental factors. And who to think about it, not as future parents, because the health of the unborn child largely depends on the environment. Data studies confirmed that in different cities dysfunctional environment responsible for 20—30% of complications during pregnancy.

– How to reduce harmful influence of electromagnetic radiation on the organism of the child?

– First of all you should assess the situation in the apartment and order professional research – specialists will measure electric and magnetic components of the electromagnetic fields, the results of the work will issue a formal opinion – ecopaper with the documents of the state sample, consisting of protocols laboratory research with the expert opinion, guidelines – step by step instructions on elimination of the revealed problems. During the measurements is determined by the intensity of the radiation generated inside the apartment as its filling, and coming from the outside.

For example, children in the habit of crawling on the floor makes me think about its heating. But even if electrical work is carried out perfectly, not to avoid the risk of a significant increase in EMF at low frequencies. It begins with General fatigue, passivity, reduced performance, and leads to irreversible damage to the nervous, immune, endocrine and reproductive systems. Although EMF – this is only half the problem…

– We all know of the unfavorable ecological situation in the city: Smoking factory chimneys, car exhaust gases. Macroecology leaves much to be desired. But seriously impaired and microecology — the climate in our apartments. Especially suffer from this respiratory system. The main target again become the smallest. It is estimated that 90% of the time babies spend at home. So, the air that breathes kid, and largely determines the nature of the records in the medical record.

Such painful diseases as Allergy, in most cases occur in early childhood. Someone a predisposition to allergic reactions and diseases of the respiratory tract gets sad inheritance. But, according to experts, more and more they capture in their networks of those who have a hereditary order, but with a homely environment — problem.

Harmful substances can be brought by the residents of the apartment from the street – particles from car exhausts, settled dirt and dust, organic matter, animals and insects, fungi, bacteria, mold. Naturally, the excess content in the air of harmful substances extremely detrimental to the health of all living in the apartment. In addition to household allergies, colds, migraine, rhinitis, asthma worth to remember and about the risk of Contracting tuberculosis and other dangerous diseases transmitted by air.

– What you, as an expert that can advise?

– Don’t listen to the advice: “don’t you catch a cold baby”, “Put in the nursery heater”, “do Not make the apartment drafts, when a small child at home”. Stagnant, warm and moist fumes from the air in which microorganisms are multiplying, — a real time bomb for the health of the baby. Regularly ventilate the house.

But most importantly – know your enemy in the face, we have to clearly understand what is in the apartment and poisons the lives of children. This can be done again only by a professional ecological survey. It will determine the quality of the air, and tap water, and the presence of microscopic creatures — the ticks saprophytes, which live in dust and whose droppings — the strongest allergen. Each tiny individual allocates about 20 pieces of “waste” in a day so in one gram of house dust them typed up to 70 million.

Without the aid of experts can’t identify. We provide only the documents of the state sample and the apartment you will put in order according to the consultation of professional environmentalists.

Federal (Federal state health institution “Center of hygiene and epidemiology in St. Petersburg”) real estate group of companies “Ecotone”

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