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What to do if your child stutters? The advice of a speech therapist

This article was prepared by Natalia by V. Durnev — a speech therapist, pathologist,Montessori teacher,

as well as expert magazine «My Child»

It happens: one day, all of a sudden, your two or three year old toddler starts talking strangely: “no, No, don’t want cereal!”. Heart become anxious, because each of us are faced with people who stutter, we can imagine the limitations that this disease imposes on normal verbal communication. Still, panic is not necessary. Stuttering is often confused with so-called “hesitation” (physiological iterations) even has worked speech therapists. Both lack of speech is very similar in manifestations: they are linked by the broken rhythm of speech. You need to distinguish stuttering from hesitation, because this will depend on the content of the remedial work.

Stuttering is a violation of the tempo and rhythm of speech with spasmodic condition of the muscles of the vocal apparatus. Convulsions are of different localization: voice, articulation, breathing.

Physiological hesitation (iteration) — a common occurrence in the speech of children 2-5 years, which requires a different correction than stuttering and usually occurs when the development of thinking the kid is ahead of his speech. Often accompanied by a good development, both mental and physical. High risk of fluency disorders in children emotional, very developed, impressionable. Mothers generally start to panic, expecting the worst – stuttering. Remember that hesitation have little to do with stuttering. However, if time does not pay attention to the repetition of syllables and words in speech and not to take preventive measures, the risk of the occurrence of stuttering is quite large.

As soon as you heard in the speech of the kid “trips”, try to identify a stuttering or hesitation.

When hesitation, as a rule, there are no seizures in the mouth area, neck, etc. unlike stuttering.

Pay attention to how the child responds to requests to speak better, slower, smoother. If the child is stuttering, his speech after that request will only get worse, and the kid with hesitation – better. Stuttering peculiar morbid fixation on their defect, and this leads to additional deterioration of speech.

3.Analyze causes of unexpected disruptions of child speech. The roots of the problem of the baby with hesitation, go to the region of emotion, the characteristics of the nervous system, problems of parent-child relationships; hesitation often are a symptom of neurosis. Sometimes they appear, especially when the child is tense (says something long, new, difficult), agitated, etc. some of the kids in these moments hair starts to finger to screw, nail-biting, even blush, and children with fluency disorders begin to repeat the first syllables or words. Stuttering is a neurological problem and is correctable harder than hesitation. It is believed that stuttering is always hereditary origin (stutter could great-grandfather, and his great-grandson passed a predisposition to stuttering).

If the originality of speech does not disappear within two to three weeks and even has a tendency to deteriorate, it’s time to take action. Visit a speech therapist and a neuropsychiatrist. Both will help with the diagnosis, that is, identify stuttering (sometimes called logoneurosis). The neuropsychiatrist will prescribe medications that it makes sense to take, if a baby, really, stuttering moderate or severe. When stammering medicines are not needed, except in situations where they were caused by severe stress. For the correction of stammering, we do the following:

Consult with a child psychologist. The psychologist will help to eliminate the cause of stammering. Well help various methods of child psychotherapy: therapy, sand therapy, art therapy. Check whether the psychologist certificates of completion of courses in these areas of the correction.

Engaged with the logopedist. The therapist teaches the child to techniques of breathing exercises, relaxation, control of smooth speech.

Spend the course of a relaxing massage.

Spend a lot of time in the water. The best if you will drive the child into the pool, but, in the case of somatic weakness is fine for regular play with water at home. There is a rule: vozbudimoi baby, the greater the amount of water he needs.

In the correction of stuttering do this:

Visited and performed all the recommendations neuropsychiatrist.

Work with a speech therapist regularly and systematically. Stuttering has a nasty way of repeating itself, especially on the background of stress. So, eliminating stuttering to school, need to be especially careful when the baby will go to 1st grade. School adaptation and neuro-emotional stress associated with this can cause a speech disorder.

Spend the course of a relaxing massage, not one.

Engaged with the psychologist.

Should re-examine its behavior in relation to the upbringing of the baby: excessive demands, alienation, criticism, ridicule, irritation – all of which can cause hesitation.

Watch — fast or slow — you say with the child and how loudly: if hesitation appeared, we need to talk quieter and slower.

Convince yourself: hitch not a sentence, but a symptom of a deeper problem, usually psychological-pedagogical order. If you get too worried, the baby, looking at you, literally intuitively feel that “something is wrong with me”; the tension grows.

Serious requirements to the present day mode. It is necessary to limit TV viewing and computer games to 15-20 minutes a day.

At bedtime, turn on the quiet instrumental music, processing of classics for children. Such musical compositions have good therapeutic effect.

If your baby was to stumble because of intellectual overload, for example, in the school of early development, we need «slow down» the educational process. Let the baby a month without a deal, idles, does nothing.

In no event it is impossible to capture the child’s attention on the peculiarity of his speech. That’s why it is better not to require him to repeat the word correctly and generally to give any assessment to the statements. If the child during the conversation began to stumble badly, just tell him: “let’s try to spell the word” or, “Let’s put this word in a whisper”. Show him how it’s done. Usually when you use these techniques no hesitation.

When dealing with a child with hesitation give him the feeling that he is no hurry to tell you, I always wait till I finish his thoughts. This means that you don’t need him to fit in the answers, nor suggest the word, do not use an impatient gesture. Wait silently until he will pick up words and correct grammatical form for expressing.

If the action is happening in your baby’s speech occur infrequently, does not affect the quality of communication, do not strain the child other than consultation with a speech therapist to do nothing. With proper psycho-pedagogical approach, it all goes by itself.