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How to save a relationship


To create a family doesn’t come easy, but even harder to keep a strong harmonious relationship in the family. Sometimes women in all ways and possibilities of trying to turn to her husband, but all attempts have failed. In this case, you can resort to incantations and prayers. Here You will find the current plots that tested any one person.

Before you take any of these rituals try to set yourself up for the positive, remove from the soul the anger, forget the insults, stop crying. Sometimes the ritual begins to act on the next day, and sometimes you have to wait. If You notice that time had passed, but the relationships don’t change, be patient and perform the ritual again or try other rituals. The main thing in this business is perseverance and patience, and I’m sure You will succeed.

A conspiracy to have her husband to her – 1

The plots for the love of the husband is used in the case, if you think that the husband you lost interest. Such plots are particularly good, if a couple get married in Church. A strong plot to the love of her husband will work even if you are not married!

This plot is quite strong and the greatest effect, it reaches a time when You make it on the growing moon.

“I stand on the threshold of the Church Yes will make the family of his guardian. My dear husband (husband’s name), give me your peace. I stand before you, but behind my icon of St. protective. Will I worship her and will stand up to the altar. I gave slave (husband’s name) your heart, your soul. So now he had me jealous is not released. Love me, shore and caressed. As a mother to their children suffer, so you will for me to suffer, to love me and wait and never change. My word is strong and faithful. Amen.”

If the husband spends a lot of time with friends, walking all night, that is good, the acting, the plot that her husband was not walking and spend more time with his family.

Take a thin silk thread, cut or tear it in half. Easily spread both halves with honey, and speak over them these words:

“Remember, o Lord, king David and all his meekness.

Humble and a servant of God (name), let the fun empty he will oprative, and the love and desire for the servant of God (name) vospalenie.

As bees can’t live without honey, and bird without a nest, and let (name) without a home can not, day and night, in joy and in sorrow, my silk thread home it pulls, thinking about me makes.

My word hard, and the invisible thread, the one who drank sea, and the one to break her will, Amen.”

Now wipe one(!) the thread dry and quietly sew her husband to the clothes which he wears when going out of the house, the second thread hide house, preferably near the place where you sleep. After a few weeks my husband will be less walking, checked.

The ceremony for the return of her husband.

For this ritual you need to put on the table, covered with a white cloth, a picture of a husband. With two sides from the snapshot set and light the Church candles. Front photo to put the vessel with Holy water. When midnight, to read the words of a magical conspiracy until then, until extinguished candles. Plot: it is Worth remembering — the later photos. the more work the magic.

“Holy water, you take the sin of the servants of God (proper name), but sin is a servant of God (name of husband). Tormented by the thought of him my heart, longing for it on parts of my soul tearing. We were separated woman is an evil, vile woman, broke the happiness of family rival. So let my husband, the servant of God (name) from now on, too, will not rest. So white light he’s never seen the sun, clear didn’t notice that about me one dreamed. Will rise above his head the clouds are black, blew the impenetrable fog, lightning will strike the ground. They will punish Babu nasty, evil woman that her husband’s native stole for greed will punish her, for dark thoughts. Let go of my husband, servant of God (name) Baba filthy, Yes will take forever to trace in his memory have left. May the sooner return to me the servant of God (name), on his right side, his legitimate wife. Let them come to their senses, the husband is wrong, let me regret, let kindness into your family return. Yes drown yourself in Holy water my longing, sadness, my anger, Yes returned instead of narrowed my, my husband (name). So help me Holy Trinity in my right. So be it. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

The next morning, need to get used to the ritual of Holy water to a large dead tree and pour it on the ground with the words:

“As the dead tree is no longer growing, and you, malice, Yes hurt by not light to crawl. To lie to you here as much as a hundred years and another three years to lie here, where the untrodden paths, where the sky will be the key, and the earth for you lock. So be it. Amen.”

Very strong lapel-conspiracy of treason.

Cut some rope, which was previously dried clothes. Saying on her lapel and slip under the threshold of her house, so her husband stepped through it when you get home. Immediately remove the rope, he stepped through it, leaving home. Otherwise the whole plot would be violated. Read otvoreno spell on the rope:

“The father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, forgive and help! As the rope is bent, in my hands wrinkled, hanging, ears, and penis the servant of God (name) let rumpled cloth, rope twists, bends, not worth it at all in the world of women, except me, the wife, the servant of God (name). All the women in the world ring, and for me, wife, solid finish. Amen.”

From the rope that cut little by little and vdevice in panties, pants, any clothing husband. Then he’d walk will cease, and You will never change.

The conspiracy to protect the house.

In any place other than that specified energy dictated the crust of the earth, always has its own internal. Energy lines, like a spider web, envelop our accommodation. Some good, others evil. From any more often depends on your mood and the “mood” of your home. Considerable significance is the introduction of someone else’s negative energy caused by the envy of the prosperity, peace and harmony prevailing in your family. With this ritual, You will be able to protect your home and family from negativity from other people. On the first Sunday of the month napvite aspen branches, on Monday separte them in the bucket. When the water boils, read 12 times in a row conspiracy, looking into the bucket on the branches. Wait until the water is cooling to the desired temperature, wash the Windows, doors, flooring and last but not least — the door and the porch. Pour the water into the intersection, and the clothing should be modest, monochrome. On the way there and back to talk to anybody it is impossible.

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