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Crying in infants
  Crying is the most powerful tool to attract attention, he tells them that the child is: tired, sick, hungry. Crying, the baby signals that he needed help. The causes…

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Why child coughs: 5 reasons

The desire to quickly get rid of this unpleasant and frightening symptoms, as cough, quite naturally. When choosing methods of treatment do not forget that coughing is a protective reflex, called to “dispose” of respiratory tract infection and foreign bodies. Therefore it is important not to suppress it, and to help the respiratory system to be cleansed.

Not being able to sleep

Dry, Intrusive, “fighting” a particularly nasty cough. These feelings you’ve probably experienced more than once. What little one – day his face is red from the intense coughing, and at night the baby can not sleep? The most common cause of obsessive dry cough viscous sputum that is difficult to clear his throat. The mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, even the top (at the entrance to the larynx), is a powerful reflex area. The slightest irritation, e.g., random chips, leads to a series of aftershocks cough. Mucus from the nose or a small amount of viscous mucus, which lands on the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract causes coughing.

How to help? Drinking plenty of fluids, hydration of the mucous membranes of the nose and the air in the apartment already contributes to the liquefaction of sputum, and thus “wetting” of cough. Good effect inhalation (saline, alkaline water). To form a cloud of steam, use nebulisers: compression or ULTRASONIC nebulizers.

The combination of “barking” cough and hoarseness is a symptom of laryngitis. To return a clear voice one day, as a rule, fails. However, carrying out recommendations for the treatment of dry cough, you in any case, will accelerate the healing process. It is important that during this period little less screaming and crying. The process of getting rid of laryngitis produces moderate amounts of sputum. You hear a cough in babies will become more humid. To alleviate the symptoms of the disease helps the warming of the chest and neck.

How to help? Make the emphasis on the warm drink (chamomile tea) and inhalations. Follow the main rule: coughing baby should periodically see a doctor.

Cough and not able to cough

Copious phlegm is usually observed in bronchitis. It happens that the kid obviously wet cough, but your baby as if it’s hard to get rid of phlegm. The doctor will prescribe special expectorant drugs, and you can help the baby with a special massage and posture. Play with the baby in a game of “Fetch the Slippers from under the bed.” The legs and half the body of the child lying on the bed, and the head and shoulders hanging down. This situation experts call drainage. Under the force of gravity phlegm moving in the right direction. Stroking, vibriruya and gently prosdocimi the area between the shoulder blades, ask the child to cough or to pronounce vowel sounds.

How to help? A trivial bronchitis can be a real problem for infants. Kids at such a young age bad otkachivayut sputum and inflammatory processes they are developing very quickly. For successful treatment and medical supervision of such children are often hospitalized.

Obstructive bronchitis

The most severe variant of bronchitis in toddlers. The reasons for the development of this type of ailment almost the same as that of acute bronchitis. On the inflammatory process may be layered individual reactivity of the crumbs (the tendency to allergic reactions). In its development the bronhoobstrukciei combines different processes: mucosal edema, bronchospasm and accumulation of viscous mucus. All this leads to constriction of the bronchial tubes and makes breathing difficult, especially on the expiratory phase. Typical signs of obstructive bronchitis is heavy, sometimes noisy breathing crumbs and cough with difficult expectoration. The kid definitely needs to see a doctor! Obstructive bronchitis in quite the little man is an indication for hospitalization.

How to help? In the treatment using a number of drugs whose action is directed at the removal of edema and relief of spasm. On the background of adequate therapy sputum as if there will be more. Don’t be scared: this means that improved its evacuation. Create conditions for the recovery of the baby: cool fresh air in the room, low chemical irritants and allergens, a lot of drinking!

Carefully, OSLT!

So usually abbreviated to indicate an attack of acute stenosing laryngotracheitis. This state is the companion of some acute viral infections. Fortunately, it’s frankly terrible condition occurs, not all children. However, it should be noted that many kids, once having arisen, such a condition may develop again.

OLT is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx with the development of edema and spastic contraction of the vocal cords and subglottic space (the narrowest point of the larynx in children). The danger of this state in violation of breathing: air obstruction penetrates the inflamed larynx in the lower respiratory tract. OSLT often occurs at night. Typical manifestation is noisy (in a hoarse, gurgling) breathing, barking cough, and shortness of breath. Over time, the symptoms increase. Remember that the manifestations resembling the description of acute stenosing laryngotracheitis is a reason to immediately call an ambulance!

How to help? Calm down baby, take it on the handle. If you’re in no event it is impossible not to panic! The room should be cool (18-20 degrees) fresh air. The baby gradually offer warm alkaline drink (milk, alkaline mineral water). To reduce swelling and to thin out the mucus help steam inhalation (with saline or alkaline water).

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