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The Influence of peers on children's personality development
  We all learned that the teachers of the child are adults: parents, relatives, teachers in kindergarten, the teachers at the school. They all play a huge role in the…

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Caring for parents, caring for children, caring for a child


Wherever people are, around the world will be. The grass will grow and flowers, singing birds and walking other people. And care about this world from each person will help to maintain and improve it. And to start certainly best with their own actions.

When on the road lying garbage, it’s not nice to anyone. And if you just make a rule to throw out the trash only in the trash and not allow others to litter, then the world will be a little cleaner. Yes, sometimes you become the bad COP and make a point. After all, if everyone is silent, nothing will change.

Usually, it is in a big city most pronounced estrangement of people from each other — people do not even know their neighbors. But can live near people who really need your care — to help to bring a heavy bag, hold the Elevator door, to ask health, to listen to in difficult times.

Care and attention – that’s what people really important!

Care of parents

It so happens that we too love our children and, unfortunately, too little of their parents.

Coming into this world, first we see his mother. Some more luck, and they see and dad at birth. Further care of the child comes in the family to the fore, and the whole life parents protect and help their children.

Children in early childhood love for a reason, and becoming teenagers, usually a bit better. Becoming quite Mature, and can almost completely forget. How is this happening? Just the usual quarrels and secrets, parents create little by little, the chasm between them. Although they both secretly love each other.

No matter how very sad to say, discovering family favorite, no matter what, sometimes comes too late. For a variety of reasons. And those who want to say “thank you” for advice and just to Express your love, no longer with us… is it Possible to protect yourself from belated regrets?

Parental care for children is a heavy burden. Care of children of parents is also difficult. But you can try to make the relationship with the family became a little bit warmer, and this in itself will already be a lot.

Just call to check in. At least once a month to visit and bake a cake with mom. To help her father to record your favorite show. Even buy them home their favorite foods — anything is better than indifference.

Respect your parents and help them is very applicable to life and touching the Board. And here’s our video showing this clearly.

Care for children

The young of many animals come into this world already more or less independent, or largely independent for the first few days. They know how to stand on their feet, and cetacean mammals give birth to the baby already knows how to swim. For those people who have children are born completely helpless and care for children we are very pronounced and developed. Before us is a newborn — the little fellow, the white sheet in which they will write is what you get. How to properly grow, to instill in him a quality worthy of respect? How to make it capable and successful, not suppressing and breaking his his excessive concern — that’s what worries us.

The most important thing — not to break children. By nature they are very lively, and adults with their problems often not kept pace behind them, and, as a consequence, trying to stop.

That includes taking care of children?

Nothing beats a mother’s love for her child. It takes care of the child from the very beginning of his life and until her last breath. In infancy she changes his diapers, feeds, bathes, talks and plays. It’s simple.

But he is growing up and taking care of the child or children becomes a complicated task. This is not fats, and little man or little woman, and to him or her and must be treated.

The best care for children — one that is not imposed, suppresses or destroys the child and his Outlook on life. She may not even be felt, but to be fully.

Love children and help them – simple advice, clearly shown in this video.

Consider this example: care of the child.

Suppose the father is a son to the toy store. Yes, the child may like a very expensive toy, which currently has no funds, or which he is not yet able to master, although this happens rarely, kids flying in their development faster missiles.

Care for — this does not necessarily mean to buy him the most expensive toy in the store. And it is really precisely what it does not mean to buy him “a machine in which the childhood You didn’t get”. Care a little girl to choose their first crib toy or a doll or something that she wanted. And sports section for a little Vasya, Kolya or Petit will be in his favor, only if he has the inner desire to do it.

Of course, care for children and includes good control. If a child climbs into the well, includes the gas in the kitchen, running on the highway — the height of unreasonableness will not be controlled. This will be the direct responsibility of parents and care of children — do not allow them to harm themselves or others. Otherwise, the child simply decides what time it had gotten away from him now, it would do in the future, and this may be the last prank, which he made in this life.

Taking care of yourself.

Very often you can hear stories about what the wife before marriage was a beautiful, glamorous woman, and her husband was fit and played sports. Taking care of yourself, especially when “this is no longer necessary” – it is not easy for many. But how can you be happy in the family, take care of her, if not even care about yourself?!

The man, pleased with himself, usually do not seek to belittle the other, and Vice versa, trying to make them better. If the wife in a greasy Bathrobe will take care of themselves and be home even purely for myself to direct beauty before the mirror, she sees herself in the best light and will be able to do something good, and get more enjoyment from life.

Of course, we all have situations when we have no strength, desire and mood to take care of yourself. In such cases, you will help restore the fighting spirit walk into a spacious, aesthetically pleasing place, such as in the woods or Park. You can also take a shower or bath that will help to relax and recover.

And nothing restores faith in themselves, as something done for other people. Not particularly important, what would it be – to help my grandmother do the Laundry or feed their hungry dog. After a rewarding business feel that life goes on!

And here’s another clip, the appeal of which is exactly this: take Care of yourself!

All these videos (there are only 21 ) illustrate the book “the way to Happiness”, which is a reasonable collection of rules and advice for modern life. 1 a copy of this book can be obtained in the gift on this page . Let this book give you more good guidelines for life!

The Influence of peers on children's personality development
  We all learned that the teachers of the child are adults: parents, relatives, teachers in kindergarten, the teachers at the school. They all play a huge role in the…


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