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The Death of children. Transition, the last illness, death and after


The death of children. The children know that they are dying. Episodes of release of the soul from the body. During the transition the children are not alone. Is there any point in a child’s death. Grief of the parents. Eradication of grief.

Now has already published a number of theological and medical books about the death of children. We describe a number of observations, and scientists are trying to rate them. Many do Dr. Kubler-Ross and others.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross – specialty children’s doctor, a psychiatrist. She writes that the children know that they die, but know it in heart, not the head. They talk about it, not afraid I. die very well. The younger the child, the more he knows.

Children two years and older during a serious illness become more spiritual and serious, as if at once grown-up.

The doctors, sisters, nurses and other people who had seen as children die, indicate that in children, as in adults, facial features shortly before his death, accept the expression of peace and if attention to something.

Kubler-Ross believes that the state of rest and abstraction fatal sign, signifying the proximity of death. Children at this time can already see the dead, especially of those they loved.

Kubler-Ross was not only a doctor but also a friend to their young patients. Sitting at the bedside of a sick child, she talked to him. To your question often received the answer: “No, I am well now, dad and Peter are waiting for me.” The father and brother of the sick girl died earlier.

Archbishop Luke also writes about it. Little brother had seen and heard of his older, dead brother, who called him to himself. The little girl saw and heard my dead aunt Louise, were many times her and calling her to the afterlife.

There are many other similar messages. Children often saw their always waiting for relatives and only those who have already died. In the last hours of their lives they have never seen, so they were met by the living relatives. But they could see “there” of the dead, such as during a car accident, death of which is not yet known. In addition to the family, they can see other dead children, with whom they played, the guardian angels, “helpers”. This helps children to see where they go. “Mom, are you all right, dad waiting for me.”

In critically ill children, aged two to seven years, there are episodes of release of the soul from the body is not only at dying body, and sometimes before, for example in semi-conscious in a dream. In one of the medical journals described the following case. The girl, after a few episodes out-of-body, told me how good it was all that she saw. Her mom didn’t like it, “because the mother does not like it when their children another place like it more than their house”. Finally, the girl told her father, how she met her brother and how good was their meeting. Having finished the story, she added, “Only because I never had a brother.” Her father started to cry and told her that she was indeed brother, but he died three months before her birth, and they never told her about it.

Sick children are usually very afraid of loneliness. They ask the mother or the nurse not to leave. And then suddenly the child says mom with a caring adult, “Mom, go home, get some rest, now I’m not one”. Maybe the child sees a deceased father or brother and knows that they are waiting for him and will help him. It is known that both the sick and healthy children, and sometimes adults fly in a dream, feeling at this time easy, good and very real. The child already knows that he can at any time come round to my mother and be with her, wherever she was. He suddenly ceased to be afraid of loneliness.

If the mother or father of a sick child has already died, tell him that they will wait and meet him.

Can sometimes happen that the parents did not leave a sick child alone, but he died when they went away for a short time, and told them from the hospital on the phone. Parents will feel guilty – the child was abandoned at the most difficult time for him. You can ease their woes, explaining that he never leave me lonely that he was surrounded by love and care.

The death of a loved one always brings sorrow, but it is especially difficult for parents who have lost a child. “Why him and not me?”. “He was so young, he was just beginning to live.” This can lead to a crisis of faith. Parents can consider God unjust to accuse Him.

The death of a young creature would be not only unfair but meaningless if he would. ” was the end of his existence. But nonsense in nature, and the will of God we are often unknown.

The child died before he could Negresti, and in the afterlife his soul should be happy. People simple natural life feel it. Unbelieving intellectuals may surprise the calm attitude of the peasants to the death of a child. “Won’t you cry? Do not wish the child?” “But nothing to cry about? It was clean, don’t have time to Negresti, and we in him have his own prayer book”.

This conversation is taken from the book by A. N. “There is no death” (publishing house of the “Christian life”, 1975).

The author describes another case. In 1919, during the civil war, he met a widow who had just lost his only 12-year-old son. He was struck by the calm attitude of the mother to her loss, and she told him about how it happened.

The son became very ill, and there was a moment when the mother realized that the child dies. In desperation, she remembered the great elder hieromonk Vladimir lived in the monastery, on the edge of town. She found the elder in the Church, rushed to him and begged him to save her child. The elder replied: “I can beg. But will you take care of all those sins which will make your son then? And suddenly he becomes a robber or a murderer?”

These words struck her and revealed to her what she had never thought. The boy’s mother and the elder a few minutes in silence, trying out, looked at each other. Then the old man went to the altar, and she returned home, where he found the boy already dead. The woman finished her story by saying: “This death is dear to me being opened for me the doors of eternity. That’s why I’m so quiet. I understood the mercy of God.”

As what you can facilitate inconsolable grief of the parents? While it is difficult, grief need to accept and overcome. There is no other way. In one of the collections of articles Kubler-Ross is the story of a wise old man.

Two year old boy, his grandson, was drowned in a neighbor’s pool. The body was taken to pokojnitskuyu nearest hospital. 24 hours after the death of a child the old man visited the boy’s parents. His son and daughter-in-law sat at the table, Smoking a cigarette and stared at who was standing before them glasses of cold coffee. They literally numb with grief and sat motionless and without thoughts. Came realized what was happening, and turned to him: “the Child in the morgue. Take there clothes and put it on him. Choose dress, not delegated to others”. Parents listened to, and that was the beginning of the eradication of their grief.

Can certainly fathom the grief the sympathy and good warm conversation. And if my family will be able to understand the true meaning of the death of a child, it will be easier.

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