Who remain minor children when the parents divorce, who remains in a divorce a little child whom the court leaves the children after divorce, children in divorce in Russia
  Divorce in families in which there are minor children, must be made through the court. Who divorce have children under the law? The family code only formally, and with…

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The Temperament of the child - Development and parenting - Parents - articles Directory
Select the description that most closely matches the behavior of your child. 1. As usual your little one responds to the comments of the parents (or teachers)? A. Promises, swears…

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The energy Exchange between a man and a woman on the chakras

And center on the first man gives a woman power. Simply put, the man should lead the woman into their territory, in their space. If it’s a rented apartment – it needs to pay for the rented apartment. And in all the rest they can earn on an equal footing. In this case, the woman on the first center receives reliability, support, Foundation. Interestingly, as soon as a man comes to live on the territory of women, all collapses. If a woman puts into the relationship in our own apartment, then men need significantly more financial investment, he has to pay for everything else. For example, to make expensive and good repair, etc. so, the first centre is the territory. And on the center a man gives energy to the woman. The man brings the woman into its territory, and its task – order, life, comfort, etc. is reflected light.

The second center – sexual – responsible for procreation. It is an illusion that the man is the woman in this field I need. This center is a woman gives energy to the man, and the man shines with reflected light. What the woman did, then he would be returned to you. And all female practice, the pumping of intimate muscles, accumulation of large amounts of energy is directed to it. If women here have no energy it – dummy. It can be beautiful, sexy and attractive the picture is awesome. And the man after sex with her Polistovsky crawls to the side, and doesn’t want her anymore. This women – black holes. Reasons why women don’t have sexual energy, can be very different. The woman may be in a “psychological marriage” with his father or son. In this case, to the man of nothing comes. The woman may be in a “pending connection” with previous partners. In the center by the women, in fact, pump, and if it is attached not to the man, but to someone else, the man feels that his “leaked” that he was cold to shiver in her body that he cannot work. Even if at the time of sex the feeling of men have been a masterpiece, he did not wish to repeat.

If the exchange of the first and second centers is implemented well, center on the third man gives a woman status. It’s money and marriage. He world officially says: “This is my woman. This is my wife”. And gives money for its maintenance. For gifts, children, etc.

If on the third center all the way around, the woman carries the man is “lights out, throw a grenade”.

On the fourth center is the center of unconditional love and acceptance – a woman gives energy to the man. If we talk in pictures is about how the husband came home from work and eats the soup, and the wife looks at him. It’s about the ability to give substantive attention to her husband. She cooked the food he eats. And he not only eats soup. It is at this moment eating her energy. She fills it with his energy through food.

That is why women at the training talked a lot about feelings, about energy, about spirituality. And the men talked about money, but about order in the house, about the mammoth and soup. Because men have accents on the first and third center. And women – on the second and fourth.

If a woman will demand that the men on the fourth centre in the same thread, what gives itself, a man can lose himself. If a man gives a woman a great flow of energy through the heart center, women must be wary. This, of course, admires: “my God, how he understands women! He loves me as much as I!” But most likely such men no men’s thread, there is only female. And then when you ask him: “where’s the house? Where’s the money?”, he will answer: “are you my little tender love?!”

Our Drogenbos Santosh on training “Woman and money” said the brilliant phrase: “of Course, the woman should work. But it should not bring money home.” A man can just say, “Honey take your money on the pins or on its development. Just give me a break these coppers”.

Money husband is the family’s budget.

Money wife – it’s her money.

If a woman is unable to arrange for sufficient men the flow of energy on the second and fourth centers, men included egoistic accounting, he begins to count every penny. An example is Madame Bovary, which puzzled her husband’s of your expenses. If the cost of the pins are there, but the flow through the cardiac center no – my husband will be a lot of irritation and anger. The man pumped in the first and third center, and in response – silence. And often sex a woman like that man don’t want, because she is giving in return nothing. He engaged in sex with her, and it merges the energy of mom and dad, or ex-lovers, or dead relatives. But if cash spending men are compensated by the flow of the energies of the second and fourth chakras, the man will be so happy that he will spit on any costs.

On the fifth centre, the man gives the woman the energy of admiration, compliments. No wonder they say that women love with their ears. It can be admiring look, a gentle word, footwork, arms, tingling, massage and other kinds of subject attention. If not, the woman “will go on the side” to make up for the lack of attention. If a man is not a woman don’t like it, you need to praise what you like. Find something to praise – this is the most important creative task for men. And to praise sincerely! It’s in his best interest!

On the sixth mental center . woman gives energy to the man. She has her telepathy, intuition, clairvoyance gives him. She gives him the opportunity to look and see the future. So say filled woman makes a career for her man. She just tells her husband, that don’t mess with this, this look, but this invite guests, cake I will bake. Metaphorically, the man is a sledgehammer that moves mountains. And the woman advises him: “Here, here and is not necessary. There will be hard, but here it will be easier!”.

Men 99.9% ‘t turn me on dead women.

If the woman movement in death, the man was not turned on.

Of course there are perverts, but they are few.

On the seventh centre, the man gives the woman energy because it is able to take the energy of the cosmos and pour it into the woman. The energy of the cosmos is in a couple of centre through the seventh men, the crown chakra (Sahasrara). Earth energy enters through the second pair center (Svadhistana) women.

Men need from wide-open spaces of space to land on the ground. And the woman helps him in this. Without a woman a man don’t need castles, cars, yachts, career and other tangible achievements. He had no women can endlessly be in deep asceticism.

And the woman all your fantastic ideas draws in good sex with a man. It through his head can go into space and take there ideas.


A woman can become a man for inspiring Muse. And sex with him it is not needed. He needs only to devote their feats lovely lady. And every time, achieving something meaningful to come, share and wait for the reaction of his Muse. And very glad from this type of communication. This means that sexual energy he shares with someone else (real or virtual), for example, with my mother, sister, daughter, etc. That can be clarified in the balance. But that’s another story.

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