How to get rid of the habit to bribe the child or wish that he would listen.
  Even educated and experienced moms sometimes bribe the child, understand though that it is bad. You promise a child to afford something that is usually not allowed. To bribery…

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Hot site for watch videos for free.
From Russia – with a child
  To adopt a Russian child, without parental care, German mom and dad are ready to wait for years and to part with big money "the Law of Dima Yakovlev",…

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Tips for parents of fourth-graders


A very important period of school life – the transition from primary to secondary school. From your support of a child depends on many things: how quickly he will adapt to the new loads and new environment, will continue his self-esteem.

Naturally, with this new period and we, and our children have certain fears and hopes. And the same moments in different children can cause different reactions. Someone much more comfortable feel of previous permanent cozy classroom. For another, the move to a Cabinet system – the long-awaited freedom, welcome variety. Someone stung by parting with his beloved teacher. Another fifth-grader, perhaps, counting on a more positive, impartial attitude to his new teachers.

^ What points you should pay attention to the parents?

– The transition to high school is sometimes in the literal sense of the “new walls”. Indeed, in some schools, elementary classes are in a separate wing of a building or in a separate housing. – Some of the children and is in a new group of classmates. For example, he entered the school or moved to a specialized class.

– There is a “change status”: in elementary school, third grade-fourth graders were the most senior and skilled, and now again we find ourselves in the position of the smallest.

– Increasing range of subjects, the volume and complexity of material that should be learned. What was once easy, now may require a lot more effort.

Remains constant the teacher knew each student’s strengths and weaknesses, take into account individual characteristics – for example, special the pace of work or the fear of having to answer the Board. Understood almost perfectly. With the new a subject teacher, the student can meet once or twice a week – it’s difficult to count on fast understanding your features and capabilities.

– Teachers themselves are very different in their characteristics – communication style, speech rate, requirements. One like, when the student answer when giving his opinion. Another requires literally stick to the textbook. One does not attach special importance to maintaining a neat notebook, one reduces the assessment for negligence.

– Almost every middle school teacher believes that in fifth grade child has come with the ability to work independently and in class and at home.

But right now the baby still has time to become independent in doctrine, to determine their educational interests. It is more begins to objectively assess their capabilities. Differently built relationships with teachers and peers. How to help your son or daughter to make fuller use of the possibilities of this “reserve” period of school life?

– Tell me, how to deal with “technical difficulties” the first days. Difficult to navigate in the system cabinets? Usually in schools, all classrooms are numbered. Let the child open his school diary special page, write down all the items that will be studied in the fifth grade, against the name of each object will mark the number of the Cabinet and the floor. Now, if you get lost in the school maze, it’s easy to remember the number of the room and find it.

– A fifth grader should know where posted by the school schedule. Often at the beginning of the academic year, the timetable is changing almost every day. Nice to have at home contact numbers to clarify. Remind the child that it has collected everything you need, looking at the schedule for tomorrow. But don’t do it for him!

– Tell me son or daughter who is in school you can ask for help in case of any difficulty. This is primarily a classroom teacher, assistant principal, in charge of fifth classes (need

know where his office is). For emotional support, many fifth graders are drawn to his former primary school teacher.

– Ask specific questions to the child about school, be interested in new subjects, new teachers, classmates. Don’t forget about the more “mundane” details: does the child eat at a break in the dining room? Can safely log in common with seniors toilet, quietly dressed in the wardrobe? Etc. Find the opportunity to meet new teachers of their child. For example, ask the class teacher to invite them to the parent meeting or go to them ourselves. If you think it necessary, tell them about any of the features of a son or daughter. Find out about their requirements, evaluation criteria, etc.

– Pay attention to the attitude of your fifth-grader to school assessments. It is important to understand that different people, including teachers, can be measured in different ways and the results of his work and his person. In high school it will be easier for someone who does not make a tragedy out of school. And then, of course, much depends on the parents: we can’t allow our undue expectations and high demands poisoned the child’s life. Increased anxiety often occurs not because of a real failure (although it happens), but because of fear not to conform to the attitudes of the parents.

– Pay attention to the physical health of the child, his emotional state, changes in behavior. Some of the children are becoming more anxious or timid, someone more tired or becomes less organized than before. According to school psychologists, some changes in the first time observed in 70-80 percent of fifth-graders. Encourage the child to observe the mode of the day, create a gentle, peaceful environment. If necessary (if, for example, the child has persistent sleep disorders, it often became sick constantly depressed mood, etc.), contact your doctor. Don’t forget the advice of a child psychologist. For example, if the child is not immediately able to establish contact with new teachers or classmates. – Teach you how to cope with the increased training loads. Another way you can build the home schedule. Learn to extract relevant information from a variety of sources, from Newspapers and magazines, from the manuals. If possible, and online. A good habit may be to work in the reading room of the library. All this is preparation for school and in high school and in University. Show how to work with different dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks. Please note, can your child to get the main point in a paragraph, section, article, write a brief summary.

– Invite classmates home of a son or daughter. Especially if it’s another class or school. So you will help him to quickly establish contacts in the new environment, to gain emotional support. It would be good not to forget about your old high school friends.

Naturally, after some time, the most critical moments of transition will be left behind. Most children overcome these difficulties by the end of the first month, in the fifth grade. But some children require more adult help than others. If the adaptation period was delayed, ask for help from teachers and psychologist!

You want to raise a gifted child?

To help you – tips American educator and psychologist David Lewis, who synthesized the experience of thousands of families of gifted children.

· I answer all the questions of the child as possible patiently and honestly. Serious questions and statements of the child I take seriously.

· Our apartment is a showcase in which the child can showcase their work. I did not scold the child for the mess in the room or on the table, if it involves creative activity and it is not finished yet.

· I gave the child a room or a special area exclusively for independent creative practice.

· I show the child that he is loved as he is and not for his achievements.

· I give the child every possible opportunity in a caring.

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